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I’m pleased to announce the next release of our development tools, Anypoint Studio 5.4, as well as the next version of our runtime, Mule 3.7.3. This release includes a number of great new productivity improvements for Mule developers, including a new graphical mapping tool for DataWeave, a migration assistant for DataMapper, a new, more modern look and feel, bundles MUnit 1.1, and an improved palette.

Graphical mapping meets DataWeave

Studio now includes graphical mapping capabilities for DataWeave, allowing you to easily perform drag and drop mappings, with all the power of the DataWeave runtime. As you construct the mapping, the DataWeave code and your output preview will be dynamically built, allowing you to see the results as you progress.

DataWeave GUI

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.51.46 PMDataMapper to DataWeave migration assistant

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For DataMapper users, a migration tool is now included in Studio, which will assist users in converting their maps to DataWeave scripts. Users can right click on DataMapper, select Migrate to DataWeave, and follow the instructions.

New modern theme

New Studio Theme

Studio now includes a new theme that has been designed from the ground up to offer a more modern look and better experience.

You can opt into this theme by going at any time to Preferences, Appearance, and selecting the Studio Light Theme.

Redesigned and configurable palette

The palette has been redesigned to improve usability and configurability. You can now create custom palette profiles in the preferences, allowing you to configure which items you see. You can also now configure the size and location of the palette.

MUnit included

The latest MUnit 1.1 release is now included out of the box in Studio, making it easier to get started testing your Mule applications.

Other improvements

There are several other improvements in this release as well:

  • The Mule project menus have been reorganized to provide improved usability.
  • Improved performance in the rendering of editors and flows.
  • Many bug fixes

Get Started

To get started:

We look forward to your feedback in this post’s comments and in our forum. Happy connecting!