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I am excited to announce MuleSoft has released 16 new Connectors, enabling our customers to integrate data from a number of new systems and technologies across Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft Composer. This release includes some top requested Anypoint Connectors from the MuleSoft Ideas Portal including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and AWS Lambda. With these new Connectors, users can more easily integrate to some of the most popular data warehouses and cloud services in their application networks.

MuleSoft has also introduced new Composer Connectors for our currently available offering MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce. This release adds new connectivity for business teams to integrate with apps like Stripe, JIRA, NetSuite Financials, and more. In the later half of this year, we will make this connectivity available to non-Salesforce customers with the planned release of MuleSoft Composer — external to the Salesforce UI — available on its own or as an add-on to Anypoint Platform. 

Below are 16 new connectors now available across Anypoint Platform and MuleSoft Composer:

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For Anypoint Platform:

#1 Amazon Redshift Connector: 

Load data into and query data from your Redshift instance, and subsequently use the information to compile custom reports in BI tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

Visit the Amazon Redshift Connector to learn more.

#2 AWS Lambda Connector: 

Invoke AWS Lambda serverless functions directly from your Mule flows to reuse existing functions already built across the AWS Lambda service.

Visit the AWS Lambda Connector to learn more.

#3 Confluent Schema Registry Connector: 

Reduce payload message sizes by dynamically accessing and retrieving the appropriate metadata schema from the Confluent Scheme Registry. Store and retrieve Avro, JSON Schema, and Protobuf Schemas.

Visit the Confluent Schema Registry Connector to learn more.

#4 Gmail Connector: 

Leverage your Gmail account to your cloud apps to securely automate your business processes involving emails.

Visit the Gmail Connector to learn more.

#5 Microsoft Excel Online Connector: 

Integrate programmatic creation, editing, and management of your spreadsheets with other common business applications, such as ERP and CRM systems.

Visit the Microsoft Excel Online Connector to learn more.

#6 Microsoft OneDrive Connector: 

Automate common business operations by integrating MS OneDrive storage across Sales, HR, and Operations. Upload content to shared OneDrives, update permissions, and trigger collaboration requests in Teams or Slack.

Visit the Microsoft OneDrive Connector to learn more.

#7 MQTT Connector: 

Execute on asynchronous event-driven messaging patterns using the MQTT protocol common among IoT use cases — especially prevalent in the automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, and oil and gas industries.

Visit the MQTT Connector to learn more.

#8 Snowflake Connector: 

Connect with your Snowflake instance to load data, run queries in Snowflake tables, and sync data with external business applications.

Visit the Snowflake Connector to learn more.

For MuleSoft Composer:

#1 Asana Composer Connector: 

Connect Asana, a SaaS-based project management tool, to CRMs like Salesforce to coordinate project activities with ease or collaboration apps, like Teams and Slack, to boost collaboration across the organization.

Watch demo to learn more.

#2 Box Composer Connector: 

Create, manage, and upload documents and folders to collaborate throughout the enterprise with Box. Integrate Box with CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or messaging and communications platforms like Slack to automate document submissions and approvals.

Watch demo to learn more.

#3 JIRA Composer Connector: 

Synchronize, manage, update, and share support tickets or case progress across front-to-back office teams by connecting Jira to systems, such as Salesforce Service Cloud. Combine the Slack or Microsoft Teams connectors with Jira to collaborate more effectively across the organization and ultimately elevate the customer experience. 

Watch demo to learn more.

#4 Microsoft Teams Composer Connector: 

Break down communication silos and collaborate more effectively across distributed departments using the Microsoft Teams Connector. Combine this connector with any other MuleSoft Composer connector, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and Tableau, to send critical updates to any teams’ channels, such as order status, sales reports, and more.

Watch demo to learn more.

#5 ServiceNow Composer Connector: 

Create and update incident information in ServiceNow and synchronize with data across other business applications like your CRM or ERP system.

Watch demo to learn more.

#6 Stripe Composer Connector: 

Automate cash reconciliation processes to complete eCommerce workflows and accept invoice payments. Synchronize Stripe data with your CRM or ERP, like NetSuite, in real time.

Watch demo to learn more.

#7 Twilio Composer Connector: 

Extend communication between applications and services by creating connectivity between Twilio and third-party SaaS applications, CRM solutions like Salesforce Sales Cloud, and more.

Watch demo to learn more.

#8 Xero Composer Connector: 

Unify your business accounting with other applications, such as Salesforce, NetSuite, and Slack, to increase your teams’ productivity and profitability while delivering customer excellence.

Watch demo to learn more.

Additional Anypoint Connector enhancements:

To improve the functionality and ease of use for our existing connectors, we’ve added additional features to a number of our connectors. Read some highlights below:

  • Box: Added the On Download File, On New File In Folder, On New Folder, and On New Task Created sources.
  • Google Calendar: Added the On Updated Events source.
  • JIRA: Improved stability and performance. Add the On New Issue Trigger, and On Updated Issue Trigger sources.
  • LDAP: Added support for LDAPS (LDAP over SSL), which consists of a new connection provider called SSL Connection Provider.
  • ServiceNow: Added the On New/Updated Record source.
  • Smartsheet: Added the paginated List Sheets operation. Added a new If Version After field in the Get Sheet operation.
  • Twilio: Added the On New Message source. Added new, paginated List operations.

What else can we connect to?

Search for Anypoint Connectors in Exchange or check out MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce.