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Welcome to Mule Invaders, the video game inspired by the classic retro shooters Galaga and Space Invaders. In Mule Invaders, help Max the Mule destroy waves of enemies by spawning powerups using APIs. To protect Max on his journey to integrate the universe, create APIs in Anypoint Platform, deploy your application on CloudHub, then make HTTP requests to your APIs to spawn powerups while playing the game in realtime. When you use a REST client to send a POST request to your API, the flow will run and will trigger a powerup to spawn in the video game. The more powerups you trigger, the higher the score you can get.

How can I play? 

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It’s super easy for anyone to build and play Mule Invaders themselves. Simply click one of the buttons below to download the application on either a PC or Mac, then follow the tutorial on how to set up the backend integration for the video game.

Download for PC

Download for Mac

How was the game made?

Mule Invaders was built using the Unity game engine and written entirely in C#. The video game client polls our API Endpoint created in Anypoint Platform and listens for any updated value in the Object Store. When an Object Store value has been updated, it spawns the corresponding powerup in the video game. Pretty simple right? 

If you have any feedback on Mule Invaders or have ideas of what should be added to the game next, please leave a comment below. Also, if you can get a high score, make sure to share a screenshot and tag @muledev on Twitter. Click here to get started today, you should be up and running in less than 10 minutes.