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Discover the multiple ways to engage with the MuleSoft Community to learn, network, and share with your peers.

At MuleSoft, we are lucky to be surrounded by an amazing ecosystem of passionate customers, partners, and employees whose mission is to help drive faster innovation by connecting the world’s data, applications, and devices.

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The MuleSoft Community was born when these individuals started to brainstorm, problem-solve, and create together. Today, it is the largest community of integration professionals, and it represents a tremendous source of knowledge and opportunity — regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced integration practitioner, or where you are in the world.

Read on to discover the multiple ways to engage with the MuleSoft Community to learn, network, and share with your peers.

MuleSoft Meetups

MuleSoft Developers

Magic happens when people come together. And this is particularly true with MuleSoft Meetups! These community-led events pop up across over 110 cities in more than 30 countries around the world on a regular basis, bringing together thousands of developers and architects willing to learn from each other.

At Meetups, attendees present their integration use cases, learn about the latest product releases, discuss their challenges, and problem-solve together in an open setting. Meetups are a great way to meet with peers who face similar challenges and problem-solve together.

Today, our program counts more than 200 volunteers who contribute tirelessly to their local communities around the globe.

Meetups are my favorite MuleSoft Community activities. You meet people with different backgrounds who use MuleSoft. You learn how they leverage the platform sometimes in new and creative ways. You exchange recipes on specific problem-solving. You exchange ideas. All this in a friendly environment around a drink and some food. If you’ve never been to a MuleSoft Meetup you’re missing out on something!”

Denis Benoit, VP Architecture at PSTOX, and MuleSoft Meetup Leader in Montreal, Quebec.

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MuleSoft Forum

Our forum is the 24/7 online version of Meetups, where developers and architects can ask their questions and help others. With more than 18,000 members spread around the world (as of April 2019), no matter when you ask, there’s always someone to help.

“When I went to the MuleSoft Forum to ask for some advice for the first time, I discovered a place where I could challenge myself and better understand Anypoint Platform. I started solving questions and learning from other experts. Visiting the Forum became a daily habit for me!”

Ryan Andal, Senior Integration Solutions Consultant at Whitesky Labs, MuleSoft Ambassador, Forum Moderator and Meetup Leader in Manila, Philippines.

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MuleSoft Ambassadors

MuleSoft Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are the community members who go above and beyond to support their peers on Anypoint Platform. They share their passion and experience by speaking at events, publishing tutorials, mentoring others, and leading by example wherever they are.

As you can see in Ryan’s title just above, they often wear many hats when contributing to the community. They are spread around the world, and you can usually meet them at Meetups and major events such as MuleSoft CONNECT or Salesforce’s Dreamforce.

“Being involved in the community is critical for me in my mission to reduce “busy work” around the world. I can’t do it alone, I need help. Whether it is creating tutorials on my YouTube channel or speaking at events, the mission is to free people’s time, and using MuleSoft is how we are going to get there.

Jason Estevan, Founder at EsteSolutions and MuleSoft Ambassador.

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Blogs and social media

NVIDIA GDPR complicance blog

Our community members often contribute blogs to, where they share some of their use cases and present what they’ve built – and how. Our community is also vibrant on social media, with developer groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These groups are a great place to hang out online with other integration professionals and get answers to your questions.

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