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We are pleased to announce that MuleSoft has joined the Activiti BPM project; this is a much-needed initiative in the industry. While there are many BPM players out there (with more cropping up every day it seems), none of them focus on the gaping hole in the market. No process is an island. There seem to be so many scenarios a stand-alone BPM solution just isn't suitable, yet BPM capabilities can be used in many different contexts. Activiti is being written from the ground up with the requirement that the engine should be easily embedded and that the project would be aimed at developers not the . This is a very natural fit for MuleSoft since our approach to middleware starts with the .

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MuleSoft will be focusing on how BPM interacts with ESBs. We have had a lot of success with Mule ESB and jBPM working together and we want to create an even better affinity with Activiti. Additionally, I'm pretty sure we'll get involved on the Web Services side of things since we've been there and got the t-shirt (mug and vuvuzela).

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I'm very pleased the Tom Baeyens is heading up this project. Bringing BPM to developers with jBPM was a hugely underrated achievement, I'm sure Activiti will be a big success.