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A bit of history
We created Mule IDE to ease the work when developing with Mule. Along with the work on Mule 2.0 we started work on an updated version of the IDE that would allow you to graphically design Mule configurations. This turned out to be by far more work than initially expected so we decided to rescope the work. Right now we focus on the little helpers that make developing with Mule easy and cut out the graphical editor for now…

The current state
The current release allows you to create Mule aware projects: you refer to an existing Mule installation on your disk and the Mule IDE will manage the libraries for you.

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When creating a new project you can optionally fill it from an existing example, giving you a quick start with Mule.

You can now run Mule config files as “Mule Server” which will create a launch configuration and start a mule server from the associated Mule distribution.

The release is available as an update site, see the installation instructions for details. Give it a try!