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I am excited to announce that our September release of Anypoint Platform for APIs is now live. This update to the platform provides a variety of performance enhancements as well as three new features:

  • API version import and export
  • Application management API access
  • CORS policy

API version import and export

API developers can now import and export API versions to better support the full development lifecycle of APIs. Developers can create and test an API in a development environment and then export that API for promotion to a staging or production environment. When exporting an API version, developers can export the RAML file, portal, policies and endpoint for the version. You can learn more about managing API versions here.

Application management API access

We are excited to announce that Anypoint Platform users can now access our API for application management directly in order to build custom workflows for creating and managing applications. This API allows users to generate new applications on the platform as well as retrieve client IDs and secrets. You can find more information about the API, including its full documentation at the API portal.

CORS policy

We have added a new policy to the platform which assists API developers in testing APIs with cross-origin resources. This is most useful when testing APIs that are hosted internally behind a corporate firewall. To support this type of testing we have also added a new setting to API Designer and API Console. When an API is hosted behind a firewall, developers can toggle the new, “API is behind a firewall,” setting in the console (see image below) to allow them to use the console. This, along with the CORS policy, enables developers to test their APIs from end to end during the development phase. To learn more about CORS support you can read this document.

You can get started with all of these features today by logging into your existing account or creating a new one at »

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