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Tcat Server remains the most intuitive and easy to use product for enterprise Tomcat users. In the most recent release, we made Tcat Server even easier to try.  Since we launched the product several months ago, downloads for Tcat Server have been increasing exponentially, but we wanted to find a way to reach yet more users that will benefit from using Tcat Server.

We realize that some of you do not have time to download software, install it and take a look. Some of you want to first take a quick look at Tcat Server to decide if its the right choice, without having to go through the download process.

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After spending some time researching ways we can make it easier to test drive Tcat Server, we decided that recorded webinars and screencasts are interesting but not sufficient. Instead we asked ourselves: why not put real instances of Tcat Server in the cloud and make them available to users who want to take Tcat Server for a quick spin?

With that we set out to build a Tcat Server demo in the cloud, on Amazon EC2. It took us less than half a day – most time was spent provisioning new EC2 instances.

If you are interested in Tcat Server, but don’t have time to install it, or want to show it to your colleagues and managers, head over to the Tcat Server main product page to learn more. If you are ready to test drive, just click on the button below.

Click on this to Try Tcat Server.
Click here to launch Tcat Server in the cloud

We will be enhancing this Tcat Server demo environment more in the coming weeks – if you want to see any specific applications deployed on it, let us know.

As always, Tcat Server is free to use in development and pre-production environments. If you’ve seen the demo and you’re ready to get your own copy, click here.