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Linux has become the platform of choice for many enterprises and has led the move towards reducing costs and improving effectiveness by using Open Source solutions. Our friends at Canonical are leading the charge in providing easy to use, compelling solution in Ubuntu.

Tcat Server 6 includes an unmodified Apache Tomcat server for enterprise use – we add enterprise features on top of Tomcat without making any changes to the core Tomcat binaries. It is an enterprise Tomcat without any artificial ingredients stuffed into Tomcat binaries.

We became involved with Debian and Ubuntu several months ago when our colleague Jason Brittain worked with the Canonical team to improve the Tomcat distribution in Debian. This led to further discussion in the Tcat Server team, where we concluded that we wanted to integrate Tcat Server with the native way of getting packages onto a Ubuntu installation. With that, we just announced that Tcat Server is now in Canonical's Software Catalog, from which you can obtain Tcat Server onto your Ubuntu install using aptget. I will detail some of the highlights below:

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1. You can obtain the latest distribution of Tcat Server by doing apt-get from your Ubuntu installation

2. You can choose to install just the agent portion, so you can turn your Apache Tomcat servers into Tcat Servers that can be managed by the Tcat Server console.

3. You can also install the console portion, so you can manage all your Tomcat instances in the enterprise from this console.

4. You get the reliable restarts that are a part of Tcat Server 6

5. You get the full configuration management, deployment and diagnostic capabilities of Tcat Server – learn more here

6. Programmatic access to Tcat functionality through a REST API

This will help you obtain latest distribution of Tcat Server via your regular operational scripts that you use on your Ubuntu installation. We hope you will enjoy this new way of getting Tcat Server.