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Here’s our weekly roundup of the top 5 integration and API articles of the week.  Take a look, let us know if we missed any, and share your thoughts in the comments.  Don’t forget to follow @MuleSoft to stay up-to-date on integration & APIs!

How GM Got Religion And Released An API

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GM is betting big that software developers will help them take cars into the 21st century. The road to the future is built on APIs.

How Data Integration Is Changing the Enterprise Landscape

Complex integration challenges are changing the enterprise. Chief Data Officers will emerge to make sense of all the data integration needs.

API Authentication Considerations and Best Practices

What are some API authentication best practices and which pitfalls should you be aware of?

Hurdles to the Internet of Things Prove More Social Than Technical

Much stands in the way of the heralded age of the Internet of Things, but the social hurdles may be the largest of all.

Private, Partner or Public: Which API Strategy Is Best For Business?

The first step to using APIs as a business advantage is knowing which approach matches your organizational culture.