Introducing the new MuleSoft Certified Developer certification

mulesoft certification

MuleSoft is releasing the MCD – Integration & API Associate exam as a new 60-question, proctored exam. The proctored exam will become available for registration on March 12.  

This certification validates that developers that are new to MuleSoft (less than 6 months of experience) are ready to work on projects with guidance and supervision. By completing the MCD – Integration and API Associate certification, developers demonstrate they can:

  • Use MuleSoft-hosted Anypoint Platform to design, build, deploy, manage, and govern basic APIs.
  • Use Anypoint Studio to build, test, and debug basic integrations and API implementations.
  • Connect to a range of resources including databases, files, web services, SaaS applications, and JMS queues,

To help you prepare for the certification exam, we’re offering the following:

  • Expanded 5-day “Anypoint Platform Development: Fundamentals” instructor-led training
  • [New] 14 do-it-yourself exercises
  • [New] 65 new assessment questions
  • [New] “MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals” self-paced training. All the training videos are now available immediately––providing a complete self-study experience. Find the DIY exercises and the Assessment quiz in the new MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals.

The existing non-proctored “MCD – Integration & API Associate” certification will be deprecated on March 11, 2018. 

Current holders of the MCD – Integration & API Associate (Mule 3.8) certification are still certified for their full two year period. The new proctored certification exam will cost $250 USD.

Certifications help Mule developers showcase their knowledge and improve their skills. You can learn more about MuleSoft certifications by watching our on-demand webinar “Preparing for MuleSoft Certifications: What you need to know.”  In this webinar, you will not only learn about MuleSoft certifications, but also discover valuable resources that you can use to get the most out of certifications and better prepare for exams.

To learn more about the new exam, download the MCD – Integration and API Associate preparation guide, and visit the Certification Knowledge Base.


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13 Responses to “Introducing the new MuleSoft Certified Developer certification”

  1. I have done Mule online training of 8 weeks (8th week training ends next week).
    I have recieved Exam voucher from Mule.
    I want to know – my Mule soft Associate exam shall be proctored one with 60 questions OR will it be non proctored with 35 questions.

  2. Hi Team,

    I am planning to take MCD exam next week. As per the new model could you please share any sample questions or is it gonna be of same format in assesment quiz. Appreciate your guidance or help in this regard

    • Hi Srija, thanks for your question! The format is going to be the same as the assessment quiz.

      • Hi Team,

        Is there any way of giving that free certification exam for mulesoft fundamentals?


  3. Hi,
    I have registered for the MCD exam next week. Was looking for the Sample assessment exam link. But can’t find it. I tried the below link

    • Hi Aniket, thanks for your question. You can visit this link and register. Once you sign in, you will be able to see the sample assessment exam at the bottom of the page. Good luck on your exam next week!

  4. Hi Team, I was curious to know how many attempts do we get to clear the certification exam ?

    • Hi Sawan, thanks for your question. You get up to 5 attempts. However, with each new attempt, you will have to both pay and register for a new certification.

  5. Could you please share the Topics covered for MuleSoft Certified Developer certification (Mule4 ) EXAM.

  6. Hi,

    I am new to Mulesoft. I would like to train and do the certification course for developing in Mulesoft. Can you please help.


  7. Hi

    I am new for Mulesoft and i am going to be a part of a project having Mule 4 as a middle ware.My project manager wants me to go for certification.So which certification i should take among those five certification exams as a developer.

  8. Hi Zafrul Islam

    In my opinion, MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4) certification will be suitable for you. It is designed for the basic Mule 4 projects. You will be a MuleSoft Certified Developer. Through this exam, you will get the opportunity to validate your knowledge and skills that are required to design, build, test, and debug, deploy, and manage basic APIs and integrations.

    For further details visit now

    To ace MuleSoft certification preparation visit now.

    Get Certified!!!

    Good Luck!!!