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As customers increasingly seek personalized and interconnected experiences, organizations must elevate their digital strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations. Microservices are often credited with providing greater enterprise agility, enabling organizations to make changes and new applications, unlike the traditional monolithic development approach. 

Recent surveys indicate that microservices and APIs are critical to the process, with 99.2% of senior technology decision-makers affirming their importance, and 91% of enterprises currently implementing or planning to adopt

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Explore the infographic below to discover how microservices can accelerate innovation in your digital transformation journey: 

Microservices vs.

Let's discuss the differences between microservices and APIs. 


  • Have a single function
  • Offer more agility and flexibility than APIs and monoliths
  • Require external governance and maintenance
  • Are organizable within an architecture


  • Have several functions
  • Offer more flexibility and agility than monoliths
  • Have built-in governance 
  • Can govern and structure microservices

Compared to monolithic legacy systems, microservices and APIs are more compact units of code, making them easier to scale, update, and assign tasks across systems.

Use cases and benefits of microservices

In this section, we'll dive into the applications of microservices, as well as their benefits.

Use cases for microservices:

  • 45% Daily analytics/BI
  • 41% Database applications
  • 38% Customer relationship management
  • 35% Customer service
  • 34% Finance
  • 31% HR applications

Benefits of using microservices:

  • 30% Higher customer satisfaction/retention
  • 29% Better security of company/customer data
  • 29% Faster time to market/responding to changes in the marketplace
  • 28% Improved application quality/performance
  • 27% Greater flexibility to scale resources up or down
  • 26% Improved employee productivity
  • 26% Improved application security

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