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Every click, swipe, and interaction you do online is powered by application programming interfaces (APIs). These are the invisible threads weaving together our digital experiences by enabling seamless data flow and integration of services. 

However, as the reliance on APIs grows, so does the complexity of managing them. This complexity is aggravated by API sprawl, a term used to describe the increased number of APIs due to digital transformation and the spread of the physical location of the APIs. In addition, the rise of AI and Generative AI use cases add to API sprawl since APIs are the most common way to interface with AI models.

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Managing such a large number of APIs, each with unique architectures and use cases can lead to potential security vulnerabilities. At the same time, organizations must keep innovating and modernizing their enterprise, which often requires creating new APIs in silos and with different technologies. 

Using MuleSoft for API management 

So how can you keep innovation momentum without compromising security? At MuleSoft, we believe in the vision of universal API management to control the API sprawl and deliver business value. This approach enables organizations to manage and govern all APIs, regardless of where they were created or where they are running. Let’s go over how you can use Anypoint Platform to realize Universal API management for your enterprise.

Full lifecycle API management with Anypoint Platform

To achieve the vision of Universal API Management, MuleSoft provides you with a suite of API Management products. With full lifecycle API management in mind, you can find products that enable you to: 

  • Build APIs using a visual or code-based guided experience for designing, documenting, implementing, and testing APIs in Anypoint Platform 
  • Catalog APIs built within and outside Anypoint Platform to Anypoint Exchange, a curated catalog of reusable assets, to create your organization’s Single Source of Truth for all APIs 
  • Govern APIs at different stages of the Full Lifecycle, such as API Specification, documentation, catalog, and policies. 
  • Manage APIs with a centralized control plane and flexible gateway options. 
  • Engage APIs to create API Ecosystems tailored for internal or external developers. 
Universal API Management on Anypoint Platform 

With these offerings, you can govern and manage any API regardless of where it’s built or deployed. 

See the solution in action

With the seven-video demo series, API management with Anypoint Platform, you can see the products come to life. The series contains episodes: 

  1. Build APIs using Anypoint Code Builder (ACB): Design API Specifications using ACB, publish to Anypoint Exchange, implement the API with integrations, and deploy to Anypoint Platform’s managed cloud service, CloudHub.
  2. Discover and Catalog Any API: With Anypoint API Catalog CLI, you can discover and catalog any API, including their related metadata and documentation, using a CI/CD plugin. Let’s see how we can catalog two APIs built outside of Anypoint Platform.
  3. How to Govern APIs for Security Teams: Govern any API cataloged in Anypoint Platform using Anypoint API Governance. Developers and Security Teams can work together to ensure all of your APIs are secured according to your organization’s requirements and required regulations.
  4. How to Govern API Specifications for Developers: Watch how Developers can get real-time feedback when they update their API specifications in Anypoint Design Center. 
  5. Protect and manage any API with Anypoint API Manager: Manage any API with Anypoint API Manager, regardless of where it’s running. Create a single source of truth for all your Managed APIs that can be controlled with Anypoint Flex Gateway (self-managed) or Mule Gateway (MuleSoft managed).
  6. How to Govern API Policy Instances for Developers: Watch how Developers can now get real-time feedback on applied Policies in managed APIs in Anypoint API Manager.
  7. Engage Developers with an Easy-to-Set-Up API Ecosystem: Watch how Anypoint API Experience Hub, powered by Salesforce Experience Cloud, allows you to create branded API portals with just clicks.

Ready to innovate 

Protecting and governing your APIs doesn’t have to mean slowed innovation or implementation. With API Management on Anypoint Platform, you can have both. Want to watch all of the demos in one go? Check out the full API Management with Anypoint Platform demo series (~30 min).