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Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are all around us––whether it is the Google Maps API that enables users to locate their ride on the Uber app or the Facebook API that enables users to log into a number of websites with their Facebook credentials.

Today, the API economy is growing rapidly, with the ProgrammableWeb reporting that there are now over 17,000 APIs available in the market. APIs are becoming an increasingly important part of the applications and devices we use every day. How much do you know about APIs? Test your knowledge with this brief quiz!

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Transcript of Questions

How long have APIs in hardware and software development existed?

  • Since the 1970s
  • Since the 1980s
  • Since the 1990s
  • 2000s

Which of these describe the main characteristics of an API?

  • They adhere to specific standards, typically HTTP and REST
  • They are not productized, they are treated as code
  • They have zero discipline for standardization and security
  • They are difficult to understand and are not developer-friendly

This language was used during the early days of APIs

  • YAML
  • JSON
  • XML
  • BSON

Who launched the first modern web API in history?

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Salesforce
  • None of the above

Which of the following is a library based API (check all that apply)

  • SOAP
  • REST
  • JavaScript

Which of the following is true about the REST architecture style? (check all that apply)

Which of the following is a common API security hack? (check all that apply)

  • SQL Injection
  • Denial of Service
  • Cross-site Request Forgery
  • XPath/XQuery Injections

How many public APIs are available today?

  • Less than 4,000 APIs
  • 5,000 – 10,000 APIs
  • 10,000 – 16,000 APIs
  • Over 17,000 APIs