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When it comes to choosing the right training it’s helpful to know all your options before making a final decision. Whether you’re a developer—with prior MuleSoft experience or not— a business manager, operations professional or architect, MuleSoft Training & Certification has a broad catalog that fits different roles and levels.

But it’s not only about your role and expertise level, it’s also about the investment you can make, of both time and money. Which is why you should consider MuleSoft.U when evaluating our recommended learning paths.

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MuleSoft.U is a public, automated, self-service training offering available at no cost, and it currently has two courses available: MuleSoft.U API-led connectivity and MuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals.

Here’s a chart that explains the audience, objective, prerequisites and duration of each.

 MuleSoft.U API-led connectivityMuleSoft.U Development Fundamentals
RoleBusiness related, Developer that is new to Mule/Anypoint PlatformDeveloper, Architect new to Mule/Anypoint Platform
Learning objectiveUnderstand what API-led connectivity is and how  Anypoint Platform is used to design, build, deploy, and govern APIs and integrationsLearn to use Anypoint Platform to take an API through its complete lifecycle: design, build, deploy, manage, and govern. Use Mule and Anypoint Studio to build applications for use as API implementations and/or integrations
Prerequisites-A basic understanding of data formats such as XML and JSON


-A basic understanding of typical integration technologies such as HTTP, REST, and SOAP

-Experience with Java (preferred) or other object-oriented language


-A basic understanding of data formats such as XML, CSV, and JSON

-A basic understanding of typical integration technologies such as HTTP, JMS, JDBC, REST, and SOAP

Duration2 hours a week for 4 weeks3 hours a week for 8 weeks

In this Training Talks, Poornima will tell you about the differences between MuleSoft.U and Instructor-led training, and some key benefits of MuleSoft.U that you should keep in mind when getting started on the MuleSoft learning path.

Have questions for the Training team? Drop it in our forum or Training Twitter using the hashtag #TrainingTalks and stay tuned!

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