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Imagine a workplace where anyone — including non-technical users — can develop a new product or service, automate a business process, or build a single source of truth for a dataset. Employees are more productive and customers are better served because IT is no longer a bottleneck with a growing backlog of requests from the business. Instead, teams across the organization can unlock mission-critical data wherever it resides to accelerate project delivery and drive innovation at scale.

To kick off Dreamforce 2019, MuleSoft is committing to democratize innovation across the enterprise by skilling up 100,000 Integration Trailblazers by 2025. We have launched a trailmix on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online interactive learning platform. This enablement program is available today and includes content on API and integration basics, building APIs, and creating API ecosystems. 

APIs and integration are the engine for digital transformation

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Every company is undergoing digital transformation, and integration has never been more strategic. According to the Connectivity Benchmark Report, enterprises have on average 900 applications, but only 29% of them are integrated, which makes it challenging to deliver instant, personalized, and seamless customer experiences. Fortunately, a well-defined API strategy can help unite siloed data to deliver connected experiences while providing the flexibility to adopt new technologies and reconfigure systems as the needs of the business evolve. 

In this era of continuous growth — driven by increased consumer expectations and constantly shifting market conditions — the demand for data integration projects is unprecedented. In fact, 92% of IT leaders say their company’s integration needs span beyond IT to encompass a wide range of business functions, including business analysts (49%), data scientists (42%), human resources (37%), and marketing (36%). Each of these functions depend on connecting applications, data sources, and devices for their day-to-day work – and this skill set shouldn’t live within the four walls of IT. CIOs must find new ways to enable self-serve integration outside of IT so that everyone in the organization can become a strategic driver of innovation. 

Arming everyone with the power of API-led connectivity 

Companies, teams, and individuals who embrace the game-changing potential of integration are Integration Trailblazers. An Integration Trailblazer is anyone who encourages their organization to leverage APIs and integration to transform customer experiences. These innovators can be Salesforce admins, developers, integration architects, or individuals across business functions like marketing, operations, and finance.

With our new enablement program on Trailhead, we are taking the first step in democratizing integration across the enterprise, taking knowledge that is typically reserved for IT professionals and making it accessible to everyone. Beginning with customer champions like Ashley Stewart, our Integration Trailblazers will become leaders in their organizations by combining departmental expertise with newfound technical knowledge to drive customized solutions.

“At Ashley Stewart, we believe that by skilling up our employees on integration and APIs, we not only help them thrive in their career but also help our business thrive for the future,” said Eileen Rizzo, senior vice president of IT. “API-led connectivity is the most critical skill and concept to learn to create connected customer experiences and bring new innovations to market. As we broaden the Integration Trailblazers within our team, we will be able to accelerate our digital transformation initiatives, particularly as we expand our SaaS solutions.”

Become an integration Trailblazer by checking out our Trailmix.

Additionally, Integration Trailblazers with object-oriented programming backgrounds, such as technical developers and architects, can become Integration Professionals. Check out for technical product training and to find out how to become MuleSoft -certified.

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