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The MuleSoft Training and Certification team periodically reviews the state of exams and certifications in order to ensure they are up-to-date and relevant to the community. Our review takes into account any pending functionality changes, criticality to success, and whether the exam reflects the current technology and needs of the developer community.

The MuleSoft Certified Developer – Connector Specialist Exam is no longer available as a public offering. Any outstanding, active voucher codes for the exam are still valid (voucher codes have a 6 month lifetime) and we encourage candidates who still wish to take an exam using their voucher code to reach out to us by email at:

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Current holders of the MCD – Connector Specialist Certification are still certified for their full two-year period.

Although we have retired the Connector Specialist Exam, we offer a number of other educational certifications and exams, this includes:

You might be asking yourself, why should I get certified? Great question! MuleSoft certification enables you to:

  • Validate skills and expertise with industry-recognized certifications
  • Advance your career by demonstrating you have the skills needed to master MuleSoft concepts
  • Earn prizes! Members of the MuleSoft Champion Program are awarded points for every achieved certification. Points can be redeemed for training, vouchers for other certifications, prizes, and more. Are you not part of the program? Join now and start earning points!
  • Receive a certificate and badge to share on your social profiles

Learn about our available courses and certifications by visiting MuleSoft's Training and Certification course catalog, and read more on why certification is a smart investment