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Investing in MuleSoft technology to drive your organization’s digital transformation is a big decision. Once that decision has been made, it’s imperative that your organization has a trained and certified technical workforce who can expedite your time to value. Whether that’s working with a system integration partner, training your internal MuleSoft team, or likely a combination of the two, your success with Anypoint Platform is reliant on your people.

That’s why the MuleSoft Training team’s #1 goal is to equip developers and architects with the skills they need to fully utilize all the features of Anypoint Platform. A commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting shows that organizations who invest in training their technical workforce see an ROI of 235% over three years. Compared to their uncertified counterparts, MuleSoft-certified integration professionals work faster and with fewer errors. 

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The findings in the Forrester study are representative of six businesses that were interviewed regarding their experience with MuleSoft Training and Certification. 

Trained and certified developers and architects:

  1. Are 25% more efficient when working on large projects. 
  2. Are 20% more efficient when working on small-scale projects.
  3. Spend 75% less time on error remediation, resulting in more time for work on interesting projects

Trained and certified developers also reported increased employee satisfaction. Organizations that invest in training plans say they increased employee retention as developers spent less time in remediation and more time working on projects that were interesting to them. The head of learning and development at an integration consultancy commented that “It’s easier to explain the what and the why once you’ve gone through the training.”

Want to learn more about why you should invest time and money into MuleSoft Training and Certification? Access the full whitepaper.