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In today’s technology-driven world, an enterprise is only as effective as its IT organization. In order to keep up with the latest technology trends – from mobile to IoT – and fulfill consumer demands, IT managers need to maximize their team’s ability to improve service delivery and performance.

But how can IT leaders ensure their teams have the skills to apply best practices that support the organization’s needs effectively? Through training.

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Undoubtedly, training plays a key role in improving IT performance. Previous IDC research found well-trained teams were 10% more productive. In addition to training, many IT managers want to guarantee that their teams benefit from these training.

That’s why an estimated 88% of employers believe it’s important to test their employees after training to confirm the knowledge employees have gained.

Learn more about how you and your team can benefit from MuleSoft certifications by watching our upcoming webinar: “Preparing for MuleSoft Certifications: What you need to know.” We will cover everything you need to know about becoming MuleSoft certified.

We will also provide an overview of our new MuleSoft certifications, as well as details about available resources that you can leverage to prepare for exams.

Join us and learn how to continue your path to becoming a certified MuleSoft Professional!

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This webinar will cover:

  • An introduction to the MuleSoft certification program
  • An overview of new certification standards
  • A list of available resources to help you prepare for exams

Want to learn more? Explore our certifications by visiting the Training site.