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Over the last month and a half, MuleSoft Community members have worked tirelessly to create amazing projects for the MuleSoft Hackathon 2021 event. From healthcare to climate change solutions, these submissions showcased our community’s MuleSoft expertise, passion, and creativity.

While we wish we could give prizes to every project, we are very excited to announce the MuleSoft Hackathon 2021 first, second, and third place winners as well as the category honorable mentions. Check out the winning submissions below!

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First place: FoodShare

Vaibhav Patkar, Solutions Architect at Apisero and Viren Shah created a platform to share surplus edible food items from establishments such as restaurants, cafes, party halls, and other eateries with registered non-profit organizations such as NGOs, orphanages, and food banks. The platform can be owned and operated by a government food department or agency or any similar public services agency that shares the same goal. 

They built FoodShare using the following MuleSoft architecture:

Image caption: This image shows the MuleSoft architecture used to connect food donors to beneficiaries via Anypoint Platform, AWS, and Firebase. 

They also created the following six APIs to run their platform:

  • Donations-mobile API which is the main experience API used by donors and beneficiaries.
  • Attachments API to upload attachments to an S3 bucket and generate a pre-signed URL for the object uploaded.
  • Donors API which handles all CRUD operations for donors.
  • Donations API responsible for all orchestration of the FoodShare system.
  • Beneficiary API which handles all CRUD operations for beneficiaries.
  • Donations API which handles all CRUD operations for donations.

Watch the video below to follow along as Vaibhav and Viren share how they built their solution using MuleSoft, AWS, and RDS.

Second place: Let’s work together to make a Haiku

Holiday Jiang, Yusuke Hiromitsu, Keitaro Katsuta, and Taisei Hoshizumi, all from TerraSky, created a fun app using Salesforce Lightning Web Components and MuleSoft that brings people together to create haikus regardless of language barriers. To remove language barriers they created a Google Translate API. 

Check out their flow for their main process API below:

Image captions: This image shows the flow of the main process API which enables the user to create a haiku, regardless of language barriers.

Holiday and her team provide more information and examples of how their app works below:

Third place: Mulexa – know your network’s traffic better with ease

Jogendra Singh Shekhawat, Application Programmer at CompuCom Systems, decided it was time to give a voice to his APIs using Alexa to listen to his MuleSoft API responses. His application aimed to provide deeper analysis of traffic to MuleSoft APIs to help companies create better digital experiences for their customers. 

He followed a traditional API-led approach as seen below:

Image caption: This image shows the API-led approach used to create Dashboard and Alexa APIs to improve digital customer experiences. 

Check out Jogendra’s solution in action below:

Category honorable mentions:

Healthcare and life sciences: QwithMax, a virtual queuing app to beat the pandemic

Ashlay Cyriac, Integration Developer at Billennium, is on a mission to help businesses during the pandemic. To do so, Ashlay created a virtual queuing app to help stores manage wait times and keep customers happy by allowing them to do other things instead of physically waiting in line. He used multiple MuleSoft Connectors, API Manager, MySQL, AWS RDS, and MUnit to build his solution.

Watch his entire creation below:

Communication media and technology: Photo Upper

Mark Foster, Technical Manager at Constellation Brands, decided it was time to have a little fun by creating a virtual photo booth using MuleSoft to invoke AWS Lambda functions. This was Mark’s first time using Anypoint Platform which is very impressive! He utilized Anypoint Studio to create event-driven APIs.

Check out his virtual photo booth below:

Public sector: Greenbot – Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Oğuz Özcan, Solution Engineer, Berkay Ogulcan Tutal, IT Innovation Manager, and Baris Taptik, Head of Innovation, all at BSH Home Appliances, have climate change solutions at the ready with their Greenbot creation. Using MuleSoft, they created an application that starts and stops IoT devices to save energy. 

Watch as they build their application below:

Finance: Mule Trading Bot

Prakruthi Somashekar, Software Engineer at TCS, as well as Sunil Kumar R, created an Alexa application to help users invest in cryptocurrencies. They created System, Process, and Experience APIs to integrate MuleSoft with Alexa and Binance. These APIs allow users to invest as well as check their balances within the same application.

Learn how to use Mule Trading Bot below:

Retail and consumer goods: Needful Things

Patryk Bandurski, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Subject Matter Expert at PwC Poland, as well as Dominik Kruszewski, Sr. Integration Consultant at PwC Poland, wanted to make warehouses easier to manage. Using a Dedicated Load Balancer, multiple APIs, AWS S3, and other recognition tools, their application allows warehouse workers to upload images into their system and categorize them easier. 

Check out their solution below

Congratulations again to our MuleSoft Hackathon 2021 winners and honorable mentions. Be sure to connect with the MuleSoft Community on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on future events. 

You can also join us on December 7 and 9 for our first-ever MuleSoft Transform event to connect with the community.