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If you’re familiar with Anypoint Platform, chances are you’ve used Anypoint Exchange.

It’s the one-stop-shop for hosting your Mule applications and making them readily available across your IT organization and beyond. 

But the value of Anypoint Exchange doesn’t start and end there – it’s a vital component of MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform, one that continues to evolve and offer innovative features to enhance the developer experience.

If you approach Exchange with the attitude that it’s a tool that can drive value in a multitude of ways as opposed to just being an asset repository, you stand poised to reap just as many benefits. In a world of generative AI-driven code and asset creation, implementing an effective organizational strategy for asset usage and engagement is low hanging fruit when it comes to creating IT value. 

From cataloging and production, to consumption and platform extension, Exchange provides a comprehensive marketplace and repository for APIs, automation, and integration resources. 

With all that in mind, let’s find out what’s new in Anypoint Exchange!

Re-use! Re-use! Reusability!

Technical assets are by and large the most valuable resource modern enterprises rely on. This fact holds true across the spectrum as businesses from large to small undergo advanced stages of digital transformation. As such, the challenge facing these teams has tripled; it’s not enough to simply develop valuable technical assets, you have to ensure their effective usage on an operational level as well as define a more strategic approach when it comes to which assets to continue investing in.

Reusability is the name of the game here, ensuring that the core technologies you develop internally are being leveraged wholesale while simultaneously being used for parts to develop further innovation. 

These are the two sides of the operational/strategic coin, and it’s where Anypoint Exchange delivers. 

Exchange offers a range of benefits to promote asset re-use, including usage metrics and engagement scores to track asset adoption. This is a weighted average across a number of vectors, including downloads, re-use in additional assets via studio and designer imports, and whether other assets are dependent. This analysis is available on a version controlled basis, meaning if you make a change that causes a massive increase or plummet in usage, you can index around that change accordingly. 

These scores were a major release last year for a variety of assets that are stored in Exchange, and today we’re happy to announce that MuleSoft now supports engagement scores for APIs hosted on Anypoint Platform. 

Out-of-the-box dashboards for performance analytics and recommendations for promoting and featuring useful assets provide valuable insights to drive improvements and efficiency in development projects and are just one benefit of Anypoint Exchange. 

Technical asset workflows and platform extensions

Given the ever changing technical ecosystems adopted by our customers, being able to interface directly into their development workflow is also a critical part of the value offered through Anypoint Exchange. 

By offering this flexibility, it’s our goal to enable developers to discover, produce, and consume reusable assets with ease. Anypoint Exchange supports governance and lifecycle management of assets, ensuring efficient change management and operational improvements.

In terms of platform extension, Exchange continues to grow its supported asset types, with robust documentation and efficient mechanisms for creation and consumption of diverse asset types. The extension of Exchange UX capabilities across Anypoint Platform ensures consistent and coherent experiences for core functionality such as search in Exchange.

We also want to prioritize direct connectors with Anypoint Exchange, which is why developers can easily publish assets to Exchange via the UI or Exchange API, set lifecycle state and version information, and even manage public portals. 

Far from being just another siloed asset repository

Anypoint Exchange can drive growth, engagement, and reuse across your internal catalog of technical assets and provision you with the tools and resources they need to succeed in your projects. We intend to continually innovate in this area of Anypoint Platform as we see it as a valuable asset for developers and IT professionals within the Anypoint ecosystem.