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Businesses have recognized the proven benefits of using application programming interfaces (APIs) to unlock value from enterprise data. APIs help to open new revenue streams, improve existing products, systems, and operations, and provide valuable insights to enhance business decisions and empower better customer experiences.

However, to transport data through the APIs, you need a protection layer to ensure your data is secure and accessible only by known actors. That is why MuleSoft and IBM are happy to announce Anypoint Flex Gateway on IBM Power.

Unlock your Power applications with an API Gateway

MuleSoft and IBM have joined forces to ensure seamless compatibility between Anypoint Flex Gateway and IBM Power. This native integration allows for easy installation and operation of the API gateway to protect applications running on IBM Power effectively.

With this capability, organizations with IBM Power can use the fine-tuned API protection layer to modernize applications leveraging IBM Power and accelerate API-based initiatives securely. 

By deploying Anypoint Flex Gateway close to the applications, APIs, and data hosted on IBM Power, organizations can significantly enhance the customer experience, enforce security and policies, reduce data latency, and enhance application performance. Customers can deploy the gateway on Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Flex Gateway

IBM Power

IBM Power is a family of servers fueled by IBM Power processors. It is designed for AI and advanced workloads, allowing enterprises to infer and deploy AI algorithms on their most sensitive data and transactions on Power systems. 

IBM Power is known for its scalability and performance with the most demanding workloads. It provides superior virtualization and management features for flexibility and security with better isolation and an integrated stack. With a leading reliability rating for 15 years running, it all adds up to a distinct TCO advantage for your business.

IBM Power is designed to support your digital transformation efforts with proven best-in-class transaction processing and enterprise-grade reliability.

Anypoint Flex Gateway

Anypoint Flex Gateway is an ultrafast, lightweight API gateway designed to manage and secure APIs across diverse environments, including IBM Power. With Flex Gateway, you don’t have to sacrifice performance or security. Take advantage of enterprise-grade security features while experiencing exceptional performance.

Protect and share API-enabled Power Applications

In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations need a scalable and secure way to connect and share mission-critical data to create a modern, composable enterprise

Anypoint Flex Gateway offers a comprehensive suite of included policies to ensure robust security measures for your Power applications. These include:  

  • Client ID Enforcement 
  • Rate Limiting 
  • HTTP Caching 

The gateway is seamlessly integrated with Anypoint API Manager, which provides a centralized interface for policy enforcement, contract management, SLA monitoring, and analytics tracking.

Overview dashboard of Anypoint API Manager

Additionally, with the Anypoint Flex Gateway Policy Development Kit (PDK), organizations can build custom policies to align with their unique business requirements, guaranteeing that even the most unique security needs are covered.

Get started on your API management journey with MuleSoft and IBM Power 

Are you on a digital transformation journey with IBM Power? Anypoint Flex Gateway on IBM Power will enable your organization to connect your data without compromising performance or security.  

Want to learn more? 

To get started using MuleSoft Anypoint Flex Gateway on IBM Power Servers, contact Bijan Peters