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As software continues to eat the world, businesses need an expanding set of interconnected applications to stay competitive. Reliable communication between these technologies is make-or-break in almost every scenario. 

MuleSoft recognizes the importance of stable and consistent application communication to deliver unrivaled digital experiences. That’s why we’re happy to announce the launch of Cross-Region Failover for our Anypoint MQ messaging service. 

Uninterrupted message processing

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With the launch of this feature, our goal is to provide failover capability for Anypoint MQ that ensures uninterrupted message processing – even when the primary region experiences an outage.

It’s now the case that when a Mule application cannot reach the Anypoint MQ server in its designated primary region, the application can automatically switch to a predetermined fallback. The application will continue publishing and consuming messages irrespective of any access disruption to the primary queue.

Users have the flexibility to configure a fallback region for standard queues. This configuration can be done either through the Anypoint MQ UI, where users can toggle the feature on/off, or via the Anypoint MQ Admin API. 

This feature solely focuses on providing resiliency; it does not handle any data replication. Messages that are unable to be published to the primary queue are instead sent to a fallback queue until service is resumed, at which point the service will revert to the primary queue. 

Resilient messaging queues with Anypoint Platform

The complexity of expanding, interconnected application stacks will continue to pose an operational challenge for IT organizations. Communication consistency is critical, and with the introduction of Anypoint MQ Cross-Region Failover, we intend to empower our customers in overcoming the issues that arise when messaging queues become inaccessible.

By enabling failover capability for Anypoint MQ, users can ensure consistent message processing even in the face of server disruption. With a user-friendly configuration and management process, this feature will provide a reliable and efficient solution for our customers to maintain messaging operations.

As the only vendor in the space to offer out-of-box failover for messaging, we look forward to empowering customers with even greater control in handling service disruption.