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MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager is a low-code, next generation B2B integration platform that enables organizations to integrate their composable, enterprise application network with their external business partners via both traditional EDI methods and modern API and non-EDI channels. Anypoint Partner Manager and the broader platform offers rich features that help customers achieve true end-to-end transaction traceability.

Anypoint Runtime Fabric enables users to deploy Mule applications and API proxies to a Kubernetes cluster that you create, configure, and manage.

What’s new with Anypoint Runtime Fabric?

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As of October 2023, Anypoint Partner Manager now supports deploying B2B/EDI integration workloads to Kubernetes clusters via Anypoint Runtime Fabric (RTF). This enables keeping your B2B partner transaction processing in close proximity to your enterprise application landscape while also meeting data residency and regulatory requirements in your industry. 

Configuring Anypoint Runtime Fabric as a deployment target

Partner Manager now offers granular configuration of the deployment target at individual environment level, which enables you to deploy B2B workloads executed on each environment to different runtime targets such as CloudHub 1.0 or Runtime Fabric.

Anypoint Partner Manager environment demo
Anypoint Partner Manager environment

To ensure added reliability to processing mission critical B2B transactions, Partner Manager requires you to set up an ActiveMQ messaging broker and provide the connection details while configuring the deployment setting for each environment. 

Partner Manager in Runtime Fabric
Partner Manager in Runtime Fabric

Consistent developer experience

The experience of configuring B2B trading partners & message flows within Partner Manager remains consistent regardless of whether you deploy the runtime services to MuleSoft hosted CloudHub or your own hosted Runtime Fabric instances. Partner Manager’s one-click deployment experience ensures all the necessary runtime applications are deployed to the RTF cluster specified in the settings.

Anypoint Runtime Manager
Anypoint Runtime Manager
Anypoint Partner Manager
Anypoint Partner Manager

Deploy, scale, and manage

With support for Anypoint Runtime Fabric, Anypoint Partner Manager now offers enterprise customers the ability to deploy and scale B2B integration applications in fully scalable Kubernetes clusters while continuing to take advantage of a highly consistent, low-code experience to manage the full lifecycle of B2B partner onboarding. Watch a demo to see this in action.