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Anypoint Studio is an Eclipse-based integration development environment for designing and testing Mule applications. At MuleSoft, we’re driven to empower teams to integrate data, automate workflows, and deliver differentiated customer experiences. With this in mind, MuleSoft is excited to announce the general availability of Anypoint Studio 7.16.

What’s new with Anypoint Studio 7.16?

Studio 7.16 includes multiple upgrades to Studio’s core, making sure our users continue to have a secure, stable, and performant experience.

Improved stability 

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We’ve made updates to enhance Studio’s stability because a reliable development experience will unlock your team’s productivity. Here are the following improvements we’ve made to Studio’s core:

  • Maven 3.9: We’ve upgraded Maven dependencies in Studio to Apache Maven 3.9. In addition, the latest version of Mule Maven Plugin (MMP 4.0.0) has been upgraded to use Maven 3.9. Users can experience greater stability as they upgrade to the latest version of Studio and MMP. As always, we want to support our users’ need for customization and flexibility. You can use a specific version of Maven according to your needs.
  • Eclipse 4.27: Built on Eclipse, Studio provides the robust features and customization of the Eclipse Platform. In Studio 7.16, we upgraded to Eclipse 4.27, delivering additional stability and improvements.

Stronger API development experience

We understand the importance of a simplified API development experience. We’ve added safeguards to prevent API discovery from affecting API development. This means you can focus on building integrations and APIs without interruptions. 

Get started with Anypoint Studio 7.16

With Anypoint Studio 7.16, we’re excited to continue our commitment to delivering a secure, stable, and performant developer experience. To get started, download the latest version of Anypoint Studio and read the full release notes to stay up-to-date with all updates and changes!