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MuleSoft is excited to announce the general availability of Anypoint Studio 7.13. We know that developers are the heart of MuleSoft, and Anypoint Studio is the heart of MuleSoft developers. With Studio 7.13, we are focused on addressing some key functional challenges to improve the overall developer experience. 

Debug shared flows

Externalizing components to increase reuse is an incredibly common (and recommended) best practice to reduce the time of development and find ways to scale the work that your teams are doing. To improve that experience, we will now allow developers to debug flows from subprocesses that come from a shared component. 

studio workspace

Production operations will now be significantly easier to validate failures and challenges that exist in production. Thank you to Viktor for the original suggestion on the Ideas forum

Improved devops for published assets

With 7.13, we have heard from our customers that are using key features, including custom fields and markdown files, that they were spending too much time manually modifying them in Anypoint Studio and Anypoint Exchange. 

To improve that experience, we are launching a new feature for Comprehensive Publication, where custom fields are now available to be added to the wizard; you can now create and edit markdown files and publish them with the asset; and you can customize the icon for new assets while publishing. The manual steps and configurations have now been eliminated and we think this will save customers of all sizes time in their development.

In addition, customers will have integrated ways of including Dataweave libraries within Studio (without modifying poml.xml). We’ve built a new UI-based visual method to add and connect Dataweave libraries from Exchange, through a new dependency wizard custom built for Dataweave libraries.

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Keep getting better

Beyond the changes mentioned above, we are continuing to expand our compatibility, with new support for macOS 12.4 (Monterey) and Apple’s M1 processor. Want to learn more? Check out Anypoint Studio 7.13 for more information.