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Today we are proud to unveil a new integration product line for business teams called MuleSoft Composer —  the fastest and easiest way to connect apps and data for business teams, in partnership with IT. 

The first generally available Composer solution, MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, is built on the trusted Anypoint Platform™ and the only integration solution available inside of Salesforce. Business teams can now securely automate integrations to Salesforce and various systems, such as Netsuite, Workday, Tableau, Google Sheets, and Slack, to quickly create connected experiences — without writing any code. 

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This is just the beginning. MuleSoft Composer will continue to be a game changer for how business and IT teams innovate. Imagine a future where IT empowers business teams to design their own workflows to connect data from different systems using a library of prebuilt connectors. IT, on the other hand, knows that business teams are building these integrations safely and securely, because they can monitor the execution of the workflow and provision access to data. The future is at our doorstep!

Read on to learn more about what launched today and our future product roadmap.

MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce has arrived

As of today, Salesforce admins can easily automate integrations and quickly create a 360-degree view of the customer, so they can spend more time focusing on innovation. 

Sales Ops teams can build workflows between Salesforce and NetSuite to boost operational efficiency across the quote-to-cash process and then visualize sales data using Tableau. HR teams can accelerate employee onboarding by automatically updating employee profile and payroll attributes across NetSuite, Salesforce, and Workday. 

And, using the Slack connector, all Salesforce admins can automate any notification across the platform and improve communications across the entire organization. With additional connectors being added each month, the power of Composer will continue to grow as admins are empowered to unlock even more use cases. 

Composer for Salesforce is only the first chapter in this exciting journey — with more to come.  

A win-win scenario for business and IT

At MuleSoft we spend a lot of time talking to IT leaders about the challenges they face when trying to scale integrations and deliver digital innovation faster. 

To understand the other side of the digital innovation dilemma, we took time to dig into the challenges faced by thousands of business workers across multiple lines of business and published the State of Business and IT Innovation report. One thing they almost all have in common: 80% of line of business teams agree that employees need easy access to data and workflow capabilities in order to deliver projects faster. In other words, business teams think it would be critical to their organization for data and IT assets to be discoverable as pre-packaged building blocks, which allow them to start creating connected customer and employee experiences.

When business users can build their own workflows, IT can focus on innovation and spend less time and resources on understanding business requirements or working on less technical tasks.

Similarly, when IT can govern the proper access of data and assets to business teams, and ensure that the entire organization benefits from this safety and security of IT governance. This is a win-win for everyone, creating a new level of speed and agility.

The future of MuleSoft Composer 

MuleSoft Composer will continue to evolve as we add more capabilities and move towards that ideal scenario of IT and the business working better together. The ultimate goal is to have Composer for business teams and Anypoint Platform for IT working seamlessly together. Business teams will operate freely within Composer, where Anypoint Platform is the command center for IT to govern, manage, and monitor these teams. 

You might be wondering how do we get to this ideal end state? We get there by consistently solving the common issues that both business and IT teams encounter everyday. Here are a few ways that Composer will help address those common challenges:

  1. IT can create authenticated connections that restrict business teams to only the data and controls they need. 
  2. IT can reuse many of the same assets they have built in Anypoint Platform, extending this discovery and use to a much broader swathe of teams across the business. 
  3. IT can then monitor and approve all of the flows that have been created, limiting disruption and ensuring security and compliance. 

This vision can only be achieved with the power of Anypoint Platform and Composer. IT teams know and trust Anypoint Platform to monitor and manage business teams who are building out their integrations with Composer. 

How to learn more

For Salesforce customers who want to get started today, you can learn more about MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce. You can also join the conversation in the Trailblazer Community, check out our new Trailhead module or watch the recent Dream TX session

For MuleSoft customers and prospects, you too can take advantage of Composer for Salesforce if you are already a Salesforce customer. If not, learn more about our MuleSoft Composer overview and stay tuned for exciting updates on what launches later this year at MuleSoft CONNECT