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As application networks continue to expand, having access to the relevant data around usage is more important than ever. Decisions involving financial and strategic infrastructure investment are dependent on understanding how your business is consuming technology.

At MuleSoft, we believe in providing our customers with a more granular understanding of their product consumption, with the ability to export this data into any reporting ecosystem that could benefit. That’s why we’re happy to announce the release of our Daily Usage Dashboard for Anypoint Platform. 

Daily usage data available in-app or via API and CSV

Users can now monitor their consumption of products like Mule runtime, API Manager, and Flex Gateway on a daily basis. This granularity allows for better cost control and eliminates any surprises caused by overages. 

Customers can download a detailed CSV of their usage, including information down to the Business Group and asset ID. This enables seamless integration with internal systems and simplifies business processes that center on usage data.

To ensure easy access to this data, we have also provided an API that allows direct extraction of all usage information. This API is refreshed on an hourly basis, allowing for in-depth analysis and tracking based on usage dimensions.

daily usage dashboard

It’s important to note that while the initial release does not include data for APIM and APIG, these will be available in Q2 FY25. Additionally, daily data will only be available starting from February 1.

To access this release, our customers don’t need to take any action; their usage report will automatically update to incorporate the new functionality. 

Our goal was to afford our customers an embedded usage reporting system that enables them to consume usage data how best it suits them. This usage dashboard is also a supporting tool for our recently announced usage-based pricing model.