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We’re thrilled to highlight new, industry-leading MuleSoft Accelerators that will jumpstart development for your top integration and business initiatives. In Q1, we launched new Accelerators for Manufacturing and Life Sciences, and we added assets to support additional use cases in the Retail and Financial Services industries. 

What are MuleSoft Accelerators? 

MuleSoft Accelerators are pre-built technical assets and blueprints designed to help you solve key industry use cases, such as the Customer 360 in Retail and Financial Services and interoperability in Healthcare. We looked at the top integration initiatives you’re taking on and packaged them into a solution that you can use right away. IT teams who use Accelerators are able to innovate and deliver projects faster than those who don’t.

Here’s what’s supported and built for you in an Accelerator:

  • APIs: Using our API-led approach, we provide pre-built System, Process, and Experience APIs.
  • Integration templates: We give you integration templates for those APIs, as well as guidance and documentation for connecting APIs to common applications.
  • Reference architecture: We include reference architectures with detailed documentation on how to leverage each component.
  • Additional technical assets: We package up any additional relevant technical assets for the use case, including Lightning Web Components for Salesforce and policies for meeting compliance requirements. 

Every component can be customized, whether it’s the API spec, template, or even the end application you’re connecting to. For example, we may have SAP as an example system of record, but if SAP is not your ERP, swap it out with something else while continuing to use our templates and reference architectures.

To ensure your ongoing success, all of these assets are offered to you at no additional cost to your MuleSoft subscription. 

What’s new in Q1?

In Q1, we expanded our portfolio to include Accelerators for Manufacturing and Life Sciences. We also added additional use cases for the Accelerators for Retail and Financial Services.  

New MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing 

MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing offers manufacturers a complete view of their run-rate business. The Accelerator provides pre-built assets for unlocking data from SAP and PIM systems into Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. As a result, manufacturers will be able to improve sales accuracy and visibility into future production plans.

Visit MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing in Exchange to learn more.

New MuleSoft Accelerator for Life Sciences 

MuleSoft Accelerator for Life Sciences enables smarter, more efficient clinical trials. Pre-built assets surface relevant study and stakeholder information from Veeva for consolidation in data lakes and analysis in Tableau. Ultimately, pharmaceutical companies and their stakeholders will be able to launch new drugs and treatments faster.

Visit MuleSoft Accelerator for Life Sciences in Exchange to learn more.

Update to MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail 

The newest release of MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail includes customer personalization with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (CDP). Retail organizations benefit from a CDP Process API that syncs customer profile data, including order and product details, across multiple systems like data lakes and marketing systems. This solution enables CMOs and their marketing teams to more effectively run targeted campaigns and deliver personalized interactions via marketing and commerce platforms faster.

Visit MuleSoft Accelerator for Retail in Exchange to learn more.

Update to MuleSoft Accelerator for Financial Services  

The newest release of MuleSoft Accelerator for Financial Services includes address change orchestration with Salesforce Insurance Cloud and Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. This use case accelerates the delivery and development of a home address validation solution that streamlines downstream processes impacted by postal address changes. Insurance carriers and banking institutions can expect an integrated validation, routing, and data ingestion process, resulting in faster policy update and rate calculations, more informed product and offer positioning, and customer service. 

Visit MuleSoft Accelerator for Financial Services in Exchange to learn more.

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Coming soon

We continue to invest in your success and plan to launch new and strengthen existing Accelerators throughout the year. A new Accelerator that will enable consumer goods companies to integrate data into Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud for trade promotion management and into Tableau for analysis is coming soon. 

We’re also enhancing existing Accelerators by extending our customer onboarding use case to wealth and asset management, powering predictive maintenance for manufacturers, and modernizing clinical site payments for Life Sciences companies. 

Ready to learn more? 

Explore all of our Accelerators and use cases by searching for MuleSoft Accelerator in Exchange, and take a look at our demos for more detail on how Accelerators can help you jumpstart your integration initiatives.