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If you attended our Community Meetup during MuleSoft CONNECT 2021, you already heard the news about our brand new MuleSoft Community program — the MuleSoft Mentors! This program recognizes members of our Community for their amazing contributions and mentorship of others. The MuleSoft Mentors will help our Community expand their MuleSoft skill sets, become comfortable sharing technical content of their own, and eventually get them ready to become Mentors themselves! We will be accepting applications and nominations for our next cohort of MuleSoft Mentors from May 18-June 18, 2021. 

If you are interested in learning from any of our Mentors, reach out to them on LinkedIn and they will answer any questions you may have, whether they are technically related or about them as a MuleSoft Mentor.

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In this blog, we’ll introduce our first MuleSoft Mentors cohort! Give a warm welcome to the first 16 MuleSoft Mentors below:

MuleSoft Mentor cohort:

Adam Maguire Wilson, CTO at ThirdEye Consulting

Adam is the Belfast Meetup Leader, an experienced speaker at MuleSoft events such as Partner Kickoff, and mentor to many in the U.K. He has worked in a variety of technical positions using MuleSoft and is multi-MuleSoft Certified.

Ankit Lawaniya, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at UnitedHealth Group

Ankit is a mentor to thousands in India, many of which are university students. He helps his mentees get started with MuleSoft and kickstart their career paths. He is a Meetup co-leader in Delhi, Noida, and started the Online Engineering Student group. Ankit also writes great blog posts.

Brad Ringer, MuleSoft/Salesforce Architect at AT&T

Brad is an amazing public speaker sharing AT&T’s MuleSoft journey at MuleSoft CONNECT twice! He is multi-MuleSoft Certified, writes high quality blogs focused on Runtime Fabric architecture, and is a great resource for architects skilled in both MuleSoft and Salesforce. 

Diane Kesler, MuleSoft Administrator at Perspecta

Diane is an avid MuleSoft Meetup speaker presenting technical deep dives and her MuleSoft journey to MuleSoft Community members around the world. She is also an advocate for our Women Who Mule group as well as holds almost all MuleSoft Certifications.

Jim Andrews, Principal at Slalom

Jim is the Houston Meetup co-Leader and speaker sharing his MuleSoft expertise on a variety of topics. He is an active member of our MuleSoft Community social groups answering tough questions and mentoring others as they pursue their own Mule Certifications.

Jyoti Choudhury, Application Developer at Rogers Communications

Jyoti is a top blog contributor for ProstDev earning “Top Community blog” in the last three quarterly roundups. He is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about pagination, connectors, and more. 

Kyle Usher, Sr. Manager, Integration Architecture at Johnson Controls

Kyle has been a top MuleSoft Community contributor for quite some time. He recently spoke at MuleSoft CONNECT. Kyle is a great resource for anyone looking to get started with MuleSoft as he has held both hands-on and team lead roles.

Lilly-Ann Hulse, Digital and technology Degree Apprentice at Bentley

Lilly-Ann is a role model for young MuleSoft Developers looking to begin their career. She shared her expertise at MuleSoft CONNECT 2020, writes great blogs, and is always eager to help others while challenging herself.

Nicolas Bowman, Director, Consulting Services MuleSoft at Capgemini

Nicholas is the Adelaide Meetup co-Leader as well as a skilled Meetup speaker. He is a MuleSoft Certified Developer with extensive experience leading teams building API-led solutions in multiple industries.

Nisha Sharma, Managing Director, Global MuleSoft Practice at Accenture

Nisha is one of the founders of the Women Who Mule Meetup group championing women in tech and helping guide them through career and life. She recently shared her perspective and expertise during MuleSoft CONNECT 2021.

Pravallika Nagaraja, Sr. MuleSoft Developer at Roche

Pravallika is the Toronto Meetup co-Leader and a top contributor on ProstDev. She has been featured multiple times in our quarterly Community roundup for her technical expertise in a variety of MuleSoft use cases.

Ravi Tamada, Technical Architect at Capgemini

Ravi is the Visakhapatnam Meetup co-Leader and active Meetup speaker. He is multi-MuleSoft Certified, a great blog writer, and often earns recognition for his creativity. Ravi is always open to mentoring developers in our Community.

Sadik Ali, Solution Architect at Kellton Tech

Sadik is the Montreal and Gurugram Meetup Leader. He is also a top blog and video tutorial contributor earning features in our quarterly Community roundup for both content types. Sadik is also a global Meetup speaker.

Sarah Khalid, Salesforce Technical Architect at Perficient

Sarah is a great resource for both MuleSoft and Salesforce architects. She writes high quality blogs on Sarahinthecloud, speaks at events like TDX, and shares her journey becoming MuleSoft Certified to encourage others to take the next step in their careers. 

Shekh Muenuddeen, Solution Architect at Apisero

Shekh is the Ahmedabad Meetup co-Leader and is a MuleSoft Forum moderator. He also shares his expertise through blogs that are easy to follow along. He is a great resource if you have tough technical questions.

Ujjval Tota, Enterprise Architect at Reckitt

Ujjval has many years of experience as an Enterprise Architect working with a variety of tools. He is a great resource for understanding industry trends and is even writing a book on connected ecosystems. Ujjval recently spoke at MuleSoft CONNECT 2021.

Who are MuleSoft Mentors and how can I become one?

MuleSoft Mentors are developers, architects, or other technical personas who are active or are hoping to become active in the community and contribute in multiple ways. They will be required to consistently contribute to the community on a quarterly basis. It is about a three-hour per quarter time commitment. This includes:

  • Contribute one piece of content (either on our site or a third-party)
  • Speak at one Meetup or other technology event about MuleSoft or organize one Meetup
  • Answer 15 questions on the MuleSoft Forum
  • Actively drive discussions and act as moderators in their Discussion Groups

For their hard work and dedication, they will receive a variety of incentives including:

  • Receiving recognition as a MuleSoft expert
  • Free training vouchers a few times per year
  • Access to special MuleSoft events
  • Exclusive invitations to produce feedback sessions
  • Specialty swag

Becoming a MuleSoft Mentor is also a requirement if you hope to become a MuleSoft Ambassador one day. While we have shared the minimum requirements, we do highly recommend individuals go above and beyond if they hope to move into the Ambassador tier. 

If you or someone you know is passionate about the MuleSoft Community and creates high-quality content, consider becoming a mentor! Submit applications and/or nominations by June 18, 2021 to be considered for our next cohort. Learn more about our MuleSoft Mentor program.