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This year, Max the Mule is turning 10, and we’re so excited to celebrate his birthday in a big way. Over the next three months, Max is heading on a birthday adventure across local MuleSoft Meetups around the world before ending his journey at Dreamforce 2024!

We interviewed Max to see how he’s feeling about hitting this milestone and what to expect on his birthday adventure. Follow along to learn more about Max the Mule!

Birthday interview with Max the Mule

Q: So Max, how does it feel to be turning 10?

A: I can’t believe I’ve hit double digits! While it feels like I have accomplished so much over the past 10 years, I feel I still have much to do and learn. As MuleSoft evolves, so do I, and I’m ready for the next 10 years of helping individuals excel in integration and automation!

Q: How are you planning to celebrate your birthday?

A: I plan to travel the world and hangout with Muleys in their local MuleSoft Meetup groups. I’ll be in the EMEA region now through July 17, the APAC region July 17–August 17, and the AMER/LATAM region August 17–September 17. I’ve also heard there may be a party at Dreamforce 2024 in San Francisco, but it’s supposed to be a surprise…so don’t tell anyone about it!

Q: What excites you about Dreamforce 2024? Why should Muleys attend this year?

A: I’m so excited for Dreamforce 2024 because I feel like this will be the event for MuleSoft AI capabilities as well as the future of automation and integration working together. We have some exciting product announcements up our sleeves, tons of awesome sessions, and hundreds of MuleSoft Community Leaders joining us from all over the world to learn and connect. Muleys should attend Dreamforce 2024 because it’s truly a once in a lifetime (well, once annually) experience that keeps getting better and better as our products evolve and adapt to help businesses excel in their digital and AI transformation!

Q: Over the past 10 years, how have you seen the MuleSoft product evolve? 

A: Oh my goodness! The better question is in what ways haven’t I seen the MuleSoft product evolve! With the recent release of MuleSoft IDP, the upcoming release of Anypoint Code Builder + Einstein, and MuleSoft Copilot, there’s no shortage of ways for users to improve their automation and integration strategies. 

Q: Max, I feel like everyone is dying to know, are you and Flo best friends?!

A: YES! Flo is one of a kind, and I am so lucky to be best friends with them. We have so much fun helping bridge the gap between automation and integration. 

Q: In your opinion, what does it mean to be a Muley?

A: Being a Muley means passionately helping others, dedicating yourself to continuous learning, and being the first to welcome those new to automation and integration with open arms. As a Muley, we pride ourselves on being open to all and striving to create an environment where everyone advances both personally and professionally. I love our Muleys!

Q: If you could make one birthday wish for MuleSoft, what would it be?

A: My birthday wish for MuleSoft is to continue driving innovation and helping businesses solve their toughest integration and automation challenges. And maybe a few more carrots for me wouldn’t hurt either!

Q: What’s one milestone or achievement you’re most proud of from your time with MuleSoft?

A: I’m most proud of the Community we’ve built through MuleSoft! We’ve gone from a small group of enthusiasts to a global network of Developers, Architects, Business Users, Admins,  partners, and customers. The energy and innovation in the community are amazing.

Q: If you could have the ultimate birthday party, what would it look like? Who would be on your guest list?

A: My ultimate birthday party would be a mix of various virtual events around the world that coalesced into a mega in-person gathering. Here my guests could participate in interactive sessions on MuleSoft, fun games, and lots of networking. I’d invite all my friends from the neighboring communities, including Flo, Ruth, Astro, Cloudy, and Codey! 

Start celebrating today! 

Whew! We want to thank Max for those thorough answers and his time! We loved getting to know more about him, and we can’t wait to celebrate his 10th birthday. I’m sure our readers are dying to know how they can celebrate as well.

Find all upcoming Meetups for Max’s Birthday Adventure here, by filtering for “Max Bday” in the event tags. Every week, new events will be added! We hope to see you at one or more of these birthday adventure events! Additionally, if you’ll be joining us at Dreamforce 2024, don’t forget to register today!