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The MuleSoft Ambassador program began in 2018 through the support of five truly amazing individuals in the MuleSoft Community. Over the years, these same five people have been vital to the growth and success of the MuleSoft Ambassador program as we know it. In September, we had the ultimate pleasure of inducting these trailblazing MuleSoft Ambassadors into the brand new MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame!

What is the MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame?

The MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of a Fame is a new recognition and program tier for the best of the best of the MuleSoft Ambassadors. To reach Hall of Fame status, a MuleSoft Ambassador must serve as an Ambassador for a minimum of five years, consistently contribute to the community, and go above and beyond in the multitude of ways they give back and help others.

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The Hall of Fame is the ultimate recognition of MuleSoft Community Leaders, and it is no easy feat to achieve. These individuals have dedicated countless hours to help thousands of Muleys through tutorials, Meetups, presenting at events, 1:1 or 1:many mentoring sessions, and so much more.

We are thrilled to say that every year from now on, we will be inducting new MuleSoft Ambassadors into the Hall of Fame. Now, let’s meet our first ever inductees!

MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame 2023 inductees

Congratulations to all of our first-ever class of MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame members:

  • Manik Magar
  • Miguel Martinez
  • Felipe Ocádiz
  • Santosh Ojha
  • Manish Yadav

Learn about each member’s accomplishments and history as a MuleSoft Ambassador below.

Manik Magar

Manik Magar is a true MuleSoft Legend, even winning this award during TDX23 and has been a MuleSoft Ambassador since 2018. There is no place you won’t find Manik sharing his MuleSoft expertise. From blogs to the Online Meetup and everywhere in between, he is dedicated to training others so they can be successful in the MuleSoft ecosystem. There is no technical issue too big for Manik to solve!

Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez is a Golden Hoodie recipient and has been a MuleSoft Ambassador since 2018. As a dedicated coach to Muleys around the world, Miguel is an advocate for MuleSoft product improvements, trains new Muleys, and details his experience through blogs, events, and presentations. You can find Miguel working tirelessly to coach our LATAM community and beyond.

Felipe Ocádiz

Felipe Ocádiz is a Golden Hoodie recipient, avid coach, event speaker, and amazing content creator. He has been a MuleSoft Ambassador since 2018 and has been sharing his expertise with the MuleSoft Community. You can find Felipe creating new ways to get new Muleys involved in the community, answering technical questions, and leading our local San Francisco Meetup group.

Santosh Ojha

Santosh Ojha is a Meetup Leader extraordinaire and has been a MuleSoft Ambassador since 2018. He is an amazing resource for our community with his extensive knowledge of MuleSoft and integration industries. Santosh can be found at MuleSoft Meetups around the world, online answering technical questions, and offering support through 1:1 coaching. 

Manish Yadav

Manish Yadav has been a MuleSoft Ambassador since 2018 and is our MuleSoft Forum moderator and technical question expert. He is an avid support system for new Muleys learning MuleSoft. Manish is always the first to raise his hand to help others, create step-by-step tutorials, and mentor others. You can find Manish at Meetups around the world.

Thanking our Muleys

We want to say thank you to these amazing MuleSoft Ambassadors. Here are a few words from the team:

“When I think of what it means to be a member of the MuleSoft Community, I often think about the members who were recently inducted into our Hall of Fame. Manik, Miguel, Felipe, Santosh, and Manish live and breathe our community values and truly represent what it means to be a member of this all-star group of leaders. They are shining examples of the brilliance, ingenuity, heart, generosity, and humor that make our community such an inspiring, safe, and special place to be, and we are so fortunate to have them to help blaze the trail for all Muleys alike.”

– Isabella Navarro, Associate Manager, Community (MuleSoft)

“These leaders are excellent MuleSoft evangelists who possess extensive knowledge of the product and have numerous ideas to continue sharing knowledge. They provide honest feedback and are truly supportive of any ideas the community may have. They take time to collaborate and work together to make the community shine. We all need leaders like them!”

– Mariana Lemus, Associate Manager, Community Events (MuleSoft)

How you can get involved in the MuleSoft Community

Motivated to start your own MuleSoft journey? There are a few easy ways to get involved:

Congratulations again to all of our amazing MuleSoft Ambassador Hall of Fame inductees! We can’t wait to see all you continue to accomplish.