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In this blog we’ll walk you through the five most important things you need to know about the new MuleSoft Champions program. 

The recently launched MuleSoft Champions program is a way to develop and recognize capabilities of business leaders on broad industry trends across our partner and customer ecosystem. This program ensures developers and architects are leveraging reusable assets, IP, and accelerators to deliver value quickly. A MuleSoft Champion is an individual who successfully completes one of the program courses described below and passes the final assessment. 

#1 What is a MuleSoft Champion?

MuleSoft Champions are customers and partners in our ecosystem that we recognize for investing in their capabilities that help make our customers successful via enablement and assessment. Several field teams are investing in this program to support our thriving community. Our new MuleSoft Champions get unparalleled access to internal knowledge, experience, and IP from MuleSoft’s cross-functional teams to drive digital transformations across industry and horizontal challenges.

Becoming a MuleSoft Champion is a combination of enablement, experience, and assessment. On completion of each course an assessment it completed. Each assessment is created by subject matter experts to ensure a high degree of expertise and internalization of the topics, with demonstrable skills. This assessment could be a combination of an online quiz, presentation, or face to face interview based on the type of capability. We proudly call those who successfully pass the assessment MuleSoft Champions. 

Course completion documents appear as follows, where the name of the MuleSoft Champion course will appear such as:

  • Go to market Champion (GTM Champions)
  • Delivery Champion
  • Industry Champion e.g. “Insurance Champion”
  • Industry accelerator Champion e.g. “Healthcare accelerator Champion”

Our Industry Champions are assessed on a scoring basis and show a level for the successful completion to further differentiate expertise in the subject. Here are the levels from highest to lowest: 

  • Champion
  • Expert
  • Advanced

#2 What are the different types of MuleSoft Champions?

Below are the various types of MuleSoft Champions:

Industry Champions: 

Our Industry Champions focus on specific industry trends, challenges and use cases the market is facing. Industry Champions help our customers transform, adapt to the changing market dynamics, and identify new opportunities. These individuals support customer transformations broadly across technologies at a business level, technology stack, or specific delivery. 

GTM Champions: 

MuleSoft partners come with decades of experience as trusted advisors to their clients and flexible capacity to meet changing demand, bringing a wealth of insight across the technology and business landscape. GTM Champions work closely with a cross-functional team to develop a joint go-to-market strategy. Our GTM Champions spend between six weeks to three months establishing this joint approach to help our clients on their transformation journey.

Delivery Champions: 

Delivery Champions combine both our best practices and the MuleSoft Catalyst IP. Delivery Champions ensure that clients can design, plan, and deliver on Anypoint Platform with confidence and a toolbelt of IP. Delivery Champions are focused on assessment from our MuleSoft Professional Services Solution Architects. All Delivery Champions must have current MCD – L1, MCIA, and MCPA certifications, and have real MuleSoft project delivery experience. Delivery Champions also have special access to the MuleSoft Mentors program, a new community program empowering experts to support their peers. 

Accelerator Champions: 

MuleSoft Accelerators are pre-built technical assets and blueprints built specifically to solve key use cases using Anypoint Platform. Accelerators are designed as modular building blocks with best practices embedded within them that can be modified by our customers and partners to suit their needs. Customers will save hours of discovery, design, development, and testing each time they use an accelerator. Our Accelerator Champions have had enablement from our MuleSoft experts to ensure they can leverage our accelerators to increase the speed of delivery through reuse of these key assets. 

#3 Where did the MuleSoft Champions Content come from?

This is the same content MuleSoft uses to enable our internal teams to be successful across various roles in planning and realizing their digital transformation. The IP, content, and reusable assets come from cross-functional teams who have come together to share this through the MuleSoft Champions program. 

  • Services: This program compliments formal training and certifications from MuleSoft’s training team, and is infused with years of real-world experience from our services team. Delivery Champions content is directly from our services team, and they play a large role in the assessment of our champions. 
  • Account executives, business development and industry teams: Have brought together decades of industry expertise and insights from CIOs and business leaders. This content is presented in the Industry Champions and these teams collaboratively support and guide our GTM Champions. 
  • Solution engineers and solution team: Work in conjunction with the product and our accelerator team to pull together reusable assets and workshops to give hands-on experience and guidance on accelerators to fast track POCs and delivery projects through Accelerator Champions.
  • Developer relations: Content from the Developer relations team is utilized across all MuleSoft Champions as they will be investing into a thriving community to drive capability, engagement and collaboration.

#4 How is the MuleSoft Champions program different from Training Certifications?

MuleSoft Champions certificates are intentionally differentiated from formal MuleSoft Training Certifications, and therefore are not “Certifications.”

MuleSoft’s Training is tightly integrated into our product release cycles and is focused on teaching technical learners to create connected experiences, products and services with MuleSoft, and validate skills with industry-recognized certifications. 

MuleSoft certifications are proctored exams and range in duration from 90 minutes to 2 hours. Proctored exams are the industry standard for guaranteeing identity security. A proctored exam means that candidates must be monitored as they take the exam.

MuleSoft Certifications and MuleSoft Champion capabilities work together. For technical Delivery Champions, our MuleSoft training and certifications are an important foundation that we build upon and expect our Delivery Champions to stay current with. 

#5 How are MuleSoft Champions recognized in our community?

This new program was launched in coordination with our MuleSoft Community team to ensure alignment and cross collaboration between these programs. For example, Delivery Champions get access to the Mentor program upon completion of the exam, to help them build their personal brand and get recognition in the technical community.

MuleSoft Mentors are handpicked from our community for their expertise, experience and passion. They often hold multiple formal MuleSoft Certifications and are incredibly active to support our thriving community. 

Learn more about the MuleSoft Community programs.

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So what’s next?

Our community members have been invited to Delivery Champions and our partners have access to these MuleSoft Champion capability courses through their enablement and channel managers. If you would like more information, reach out to your local team. 

For project or practice owners who are actively delivering on Anypoint Platform, we recommend having the right mix of certified technical teams and champion capabilities on your team to ensure you have a skilled team leveraging the wealth of IP and assets to drive your digital transformations.