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Each year, we review all the incredible contributions made by MuleSoft Community Leaders and award the prestigious MuleSoft Community Awards to the “best of the best” of our community. 

This year proved difficult in selecting winners as our community leaders put their best work forward and made a tremendous impact in our community. From leading 500 MuleSoft Meetups, to contributing thousands of pieces of educational content as MuleSoft Mentors, to speaking at events like MuleSoft CONNECT, our MuleSoft Community Leaders enabled thousands of MuleSoft users to skill up, become MuleSoft certified, and improve their careers. 

Join us as we congratulate the 2022 MuleSoft Community Award winners and give a very special thank you to all the MuleSoft community members who make our programs possible.

MuleSoft Community All Stars

These five MuleSoft Community Leaders are truly exceptional. As MuleSoft Ambassadors, they consistently go above and beyond in all aspects of their contributions, including leading and speaking at MuleSoft Meetups globally, mentoring others, sharing their expertise, and working to build the best MuleSoft Community possible.

MuleSoft Community All Stars: 

  • Diane Kesler, MuleSoft Ambassador and CEO at Integration Quest
  • Jitendra Bafna, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Solution Architect III at EPAM Systems
  • Mary Joy Sabal, MuleSoft Ambassador and Advisor Solution Architect at DXC Technology
  • Manik Magar, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Architect at AVIO Consulting
  • Sravan Lingam, MuleSoft Ambassador Senior Integration Developer and Architect at Billennium 

Regional MuleSoft Partner All Stars

AMER region: 

  • Brian Statkevicus, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Practice Manager at Big Compass
  • Nisha Sharma, MuleSoft Ambassador and Managing Director – Global MuleSoft Practice at Accenture
  • Prashanth Kurimella, MuleSoft Mentor and Principal Solutions Architect at OpenLogix

EMEA region: 

  • Adam Maguire Wilson, MuleSoft Ambassador and Chief Technology Officer at ThirdEye Consulting
  • Giuseppe Bassarelli, MuleSoft Mentor and CEO Switzerland and Principal Solution Architect at Cap4Lab
  • Sudhir Kulkarni, MuleSoft Ambassador and Chief Technology Officer at Devoteam 

JAPAC region: 

  • Abhishek Bathwal, MuleSoft Ambassador and Associate Solution Architect at Apisero
  • Nicholas Bowman, MuleSoft Ambassador and Director Consulting Services MuleSoft at Capgemini
  • Neelam Deshmukh, MuleSoft Mentor and Associate Solution Architect at Apisero

Top MuleSoft Ambassadors

  • Akshata Sawant, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. Software Engineer at EPAM Systems
  • Edgar Moran, MuleSoft Ambassador and Sr. IT Apps Engineer at Twitter
  • Patryk Bandurski, MuleSoft Ambassador and MuleSoft Subject Matter Expert at PwC Poland

Top MuleSoft Mentors

  • Brad Ringer, MuleSoft Ambassador and Principal System Engineer at AT&T
  • Jim Andrews, MuleSoft Ambassador and Principal at Slalom
  • Rohit Malik, MuleSoft Mentor and Software Engineering Manager at AppFolio

Top MuleSoft Meetup Leaders

  • Carlos Reinoza, MuleSoft Ambassador and CEO at Torei Consulting
  • Neeraj Kumar, MuleSoft Ambassador and ERP Development and Integration Architect at Casper
  • Sonali Mehta, MuleSoft Mentor and Sr. MuleSoft Enterprise Architect at HUB International 

Top MuleSoft Composer Champion

  • Jennifer Cole, Composer Founding Member and CRM and Analytics Manager at 908 Devices

Community Influencers

  • Manish Yadav, MuleSoft Ambassador and Solution Architect at Billennium
  • Rajesh Kumar, MuleSoft Ambassador and Lead MuleSoft Architect at TCS
  • Ravi Tamada, Technical Architect and Manager at Capgemini 

Top Meetup Speakers

  • Ashish Pardhi, MuleSoft Mentor and Solutions Architect at Apisero
  • Flavio Natale, MuleSoft Meetup Leader and Sr. Associate MuleSoft Developer at Cognizant
  • Florencia Cattelani, MuleSoft Meetup Leader and Chief Strategy Officer at CloudGaia 

Top Blogs

Top Individually Contributed Videos

Top individually contributed blogs 

Top forum helpers

  • Chetan Joshi, MuleSoft Mentor and Associate Solution Architect at Apisero
  • Shekh Muenedeen, MuleSoft Ambassador and Solution Architect at Apisero 


Thank you to all our incredible MuleSoft Community Leaders! If you’re feeling inspired and would like to see your name as an award recipient next year, get involved in the MuleSoft Community by: 

We hope to see you on our list of MuleSoft Community Awards winners next year! 

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