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Causality drives the world. We wait for certain cues (events) to do something. A chime to take our meal out of the oven. A ping to check our inbox. Devices and infrastructure are no different.

Event-driven architecture: A stronger way to connect systems

With event-driven architectures (EDA), events are the most important aspect of your system rather than the services that make up the system. 

Unlike service-oriented architecture (SOA), EDA simplifies your system as you scale, modify, and grow it. For example, if you want to replace your data warehouse destination from data warehouse A that’s on-premises to data warehouse B that’s a cloud service, in a point-to-point architecture, more effort needs to be spent to make development changes and testing. 

With EDA, downstream configurations can be minimized. Events are published to a topic that consumers can subscribe to. This way, consumers from data warehouse B or database C can be easily added or removed from your system. 

It’s a familiar narrative. Moving away from brittle point-to-point integrations to a more dynamic mechanism of sending and receiving data leads to strengthened governance, more productivity, and more flexibility.

Salesforce Pub/Sub API: Event-driven architecture made easier

Today, Salesforce made its Pub/Sub API generally available. Customers have been leveraging the benefits of a consolidated and performant API since its launch as a pilot in August 2021. Instead of using multiple APIs: Bulk, SOAP, REST, and Streaming to interface with events, the Pub/Sub API allows users to publish and subscribe to events, request schema, and request topic information – all within one API.

The Pub/Sub API from Salesforce includes the following benefits:

  • gRPC-derived performance: Pub/Sub API is a gRPC-based API, offering seven to 10 times more performance than REST, bidirectional streaming, and increased security.
  • Control and confirm: Includes subscription flow control, allowing you to define the quantity of events flowing through, as well as real-time publishing acknowledgements.
  • A single API: One API to publish, subscribe, and get schemas to high-volume Platform Events, Change Data Capture events, and Real-Time Event Monitoring.
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MuleSoft Connector for Salesforce Pub/Sub: Create an Event Fabric 

MuleSoft extends the value from Salesforce Customer 360. With Anypoint Platform and Salesforce Customer 360, you can integrate data from multiple systems in different environments, build APIs more efficiently, and gain more value from the Salesforce’s ecosystem.

Today, we’re strengthening that proposition. We’re introducing a MuleSoft Connector for the Salesforce Pub/Sub API.

With the connector, you can integrate data while decoupling applications and move further away from point-to-point integrations. You can create a more flexible infrastructure fabric for distributing events across devices, apps, and environments. For example, sending streaming data from on-premise sensors to a Google BigQuery instance as events are being published. 

Now, with an easier way to integrate events, you’re able to connect systems holistically: schemas, data, and events. The result? The ability to automate workflows in a more granular way. For instance, as soon as an opportunity has been created in Sales Cloud, kick off the marketing journey automation, programmatically nudging a prospect down the funnel into becoming a customer. Or when a lead conversion event is published, create a task in a project management tool of your choice so your team can follow up in addition to sending that data to a cloud data warehouse so you can attribute its impact.

The MuleSoft connector for the Salesforce Pub/Sub API gives you: 

  • An additional connector complementing the Salesforce Connector, giving more ways to interface with Salesforce’s ecosystem. Now, you have a Mule Connector for every Salesforce API method including SOAP, REST, Bulk, Streaming, and Pub/Sub.
  • The benefits of the Pub/Sub API, including gRPC performance, subscription flow control which reduces spikes in your publish traffic and buffer load, and publishing acknowledgments.
  • A single connector to publish and subscribe to topics. The Pub/Sub connector scales, supporting multiple organizations. 

Get more from MuleSoft: Connect apps, data, devices – and events

MuleSoft continues to be a leading integration platform for connecting applications, data, and devices. Now, with the Pub/Sub API connector, you can also more effectively connect events across environments and systems. 

To learn more and get started, check out the MuleSoft connector for Salesforce Pub/Sub.