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Salesforce and MuleSoft now offer a new connectivity solution that accelerates project delivery and innovation for specific industries. MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds empowers both the business and IT to implement industry-standard integration use cases for business critical operations, faster. The first wave of MuleSoft Direct solutions is now available for Salesforce Communications Cloud and Energy & Utilities Cloud.

Why it matters 

In a post-pandemic environment, there is greater urgency to deliver projects faster and more efficiently. Industry-specific technology demands are high as industries are being pressed to adopt interoperability standards, like Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN), and TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum), and automate this data exchange across systems. 

MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds fills these needs by providing turnkey connectivity tailored for industries. The solution makes integrating systems and data faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Innovation in action

With MuleSoft Direct, you get industry-leading connectivity, faster:

  • Business users, like Salesforce administrators, have a centralized hub to initiate Industry Cloud connectivity with packaged integration use cases that they can click to enable in Salesforce. 
  • On the backend, MuleSoft is pre-deployed with connectors and workflows that MuleSoft developers can customize as required using Anypoint Platform. These packaged use cases radically accelerate the process of implementing important workflows, while also enabling the specificity of customization that customers require.
  • The integration then automatically updates and flows to the use case  the administrator has already deployed in Salesforce.
  • MuleSoft Direct simplifies connectivity with pre-built industry-specific use cases and accommodates the most unique and complex business needs. 
  • Examples of use cases available for Communications and Energy & Utilities include ensuring addresses and services are valid during quoting and ordering, new orders to order management systems are submitted, and billing processes are streamlined. 
  • To relive the excitement at Dreamforce 2022 around our new solution and see a demo, watch the MuleSoft Keynote on Salesforce+.
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What’s next? 

MuleSoft Direct solutions will expand to Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud early next year, addressing critical integration needs related to Prior Authorization and fee reversals. Onboarding of additional industries is planned for the future.

The Salesforce and MuleSoft perspective   

  • “MuleSoft helps you automate any system and connect to any data, anywhere,” said Liam Doyle, SVP, Product Management, MuleSoft. “And now, we’re bringing the power and usability of MuleSoft’s industry solutions to our industry clouds by embedding our modern, industry-compliant connectivity and automation into these products, so business and IT teams can jumpstart the automation of these critical industry-specific workflows.”
  • “The latest innovations with MuleSoft Direct is a significant step in getting industry cloud customers implemented and successful on Salesforce faster,” said Jujhar Singh, EVP & GTM, Salesforce Industries. “We’re pre-building and packaging up the most pressing connectivity use cases for industries to help customers accelerate their time to value.”   

More information

To see a demo of MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds, watch the MuleSoft Keynote on Salesforce+, and learn more about MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds.