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As of February 2022, MuleSoft Government Cloud achieved a major milestone, officially obtaining over 40 different U.S Agency Authorizations (also known as an ATO or an Authority-to-Operate), leveraging our FedRAMP Moderate authorization. 

FedRAMP leverages National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards and guidelines to provide standardized security requirements for cloud services; offer a conformity assessment program; offer standardized authorization packages and contract language; and offer a repository for Cloud Service Offerings (CSO) authorization packages. 

What is the MuleSoft Government Cloud? 

MuleSoft Government Cloud is the leading solution for unified integration, iPaaS, automation and API Management across the government sector. This threshold signifies the continued investment that MuleSoft is making in its platform for our US Public Sector stakeholders to bring innovation, scale, and cost savings to digital transformation efforts across all public sector industry verticals (Civilian, Defense, State & Local, Aerospace, and Government Contractors). 

MuleSoft Government Cloud + Zoom for Government 

Our agency authorizations include MuleSoft Government Cloud success stories and our collaboration with other cloud service offerings such as Zoom for Government to support their US public sector customers.

Zoom for Government is a FedRAMP-authorized cloud service offering that uses the MuleSoft Government Cloud platform for its backend integration needs. With MuleSoft, Zoom has the number-one unified integration, automation and API Management technology as a critical piece in its enterprise government offering.  Zoom and MuleSoft will continue to work together to address Federal modernization and collaboration efforts in the future. 

How does MuleSoft Government Cloud help customers?  

MuleSoft helps government customers deliver differentiated customer experiences by quickly, easily, and securely connecting to data sources within and outside of their enterprises. With over 250 out-of-the-box connectors and hundreds of API templates, MuleSoft takes legacy data and easily connects it to any and all systems. This allows MuleSoft to unlock siloed agency data sources and create reusable integrations and APIs that can be leveraged by government entities in their digital transformation and modernization efforts.

MuleSoft offers a secure, independent third-party assessed Integration & API Management platform with options to deploy applications in the cloud or on-premise data centers based on various security and compliance requirements. MuleSoft Government Cloud is a FedRAMP-Moderate level authorized deployment environment that enables government agencies to use Anypoint Platform in the cloud by meeting FedRAMP security and compliance standards. 

With MuleSoft Government Cloud, you can leverage an integration platform-as-a-service to reduce your infrastructure and management costs and increase your speed to market. Information Technology teams can focus on designing and building APIs and integrations rather than managing and maintaining infrastructure with Anypoint Platform. You can also manage all government integration assets from a single secure, cloud-based management console.

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Security is at the heart of MuleSoft Government Cloud

While many security controls in FedRAMP requirements were already included in MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, we improved our Government Cloud environment and policies to exceed government requirements. Key examples include:

  • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS 140-2) compliant hardware and software encryption, end-to-end.
  • Significant enhancements in physical and logical security based on FedRAMP and NIST 800-53 requirements.
  • Extending TLS 1.2 encryption end-to-end. In addition to external encryption, we internally have an encrypted path where man-in-the-middle attacks are blocked.
  • Hardening of our instances to CIS benchmarks and STIGs standards.

Over 200 government agencies already use MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to build their mission-critical applications. MuleSoft is a leader in supporting government migration to cloud-based services with its MuleSoft Government Cloud.

Learn more about how MuleSoft can help your agency reduce IT maintenance costs and increase development speed by reading our whitepaper, viewing a Government Cloud demo or connecting with us at