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We are excited to announce our June 2022 product release – with a new unified solution for automation, integration, and APIs that easily automate any workflow and system for any team to quickly adapt to constant change and business complexity.

Included in this release is MuleSoft RPA (robotic process automation), which provides no-code capabilities to automate repetitive manual tasks with bots. Together with MuleSoft Composer, the new easy-to-use solution will allow users to automate complex processes across legacy and modern systems faster and easier. The new capabilities are fully integrated into Salesforce Flow, giving customers a complete suite of automation technologies across the Customer 360 to save time, increase productivity, and deliver better customer and employee experiences. 

Additionally, we’ve added new API management capabilities on Anypoint Platform that enables API developers, architects, and product managers to manage and secure any API, built and deployed anywhere. We are also accelerating IT productivity with new Anypoint Connectors, an upgraded developer experience, and more flexible deployments. 

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MuleSoft June 2022 product release

Here’s what our June 2022 release has to offer: 

  • MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation (RPA)  
  • MuleSoft Composer 
  • Universal API Management (UAPIM) 

We go into each in more detail along with their features below. 

Effortlessly automate repetitive processes and tasks with MuleSoft RPA 

Purpose-built for every team, MuleSoft RPA replaces repetitive and manual tasks with bots that can intelligently process data from any system, document, photo, or legacy user interface. Business teams can unleash productivity with measurable ROI, saving their time spent on large and small processes. IT teams will bridge the automation gap by securely unlocking more systems and creating extensive integrations, while maintaining governance throughout the lifecycle.


  • Manage every step of your automation journey and break silos with RPA Manager
  • Instantly record and capture your business processes across desktop and web applications with RPA Recorder
  • Evaluate and monitor automation efficiency and increase bot performance with full visibility of your ROI, process lifecycle, profit analysis, Bot utilization and more
  • Rapidly configure and debug bots with RPA Builder, fueling your automation build cycle with scale and speed
  • Achieve end-to-end automation by integrating RPA bots seamlessly with Salesforce Customer 360, Anypoint Platform, and MuleSoft Composer

Empower business teams to connect apps and data with MuleSoft Composer

With MuleSoft Composer, business teams can easily access and integrate data governed by IT using clicks, not code, without waiting for development resources. Composer enables seamless collaboration between IT and the business. Business teams can jumpstart their own integration projects using IT-built templates and assets. Composer integrations scale securely and automatically. IT can monitor every integration effectively – without slowing down the business.


  • Easily build powerful transformations with the intuitive custom expression editor
  • Seamlessly monitor your flows with email alerts
  • Control access with external identity provider support
  • New connectors include Gmail, Google Calendar, and HTTP

Manage and secure any API, built and deployed anywhere, using Universal API Management

API adoption is growing exponentially across every enterprise in pursuit of digital initiatives and process efficiencies. APIs are proliferating as siloed teams use heterogeneous environments, diverse architectures and disparate solutions for their use cases. 

Universal API Management expands the scope of full lifecycle API Management to all APIs, deployed anywhere. Universal API Management is a collection of existing and new capabilities that will provide customers a single control plane to enable comprehensive visibility, flexible management and consistent governance at scale, for any APIs, deployed anywhere. 


  • Discover and catalog any API, including related metadata and documentation, using Anypoint API Catalog CLI. Developers can use the CI/CD plugin in their development pipelines for universal visibility into all APIs
  • Ensure consistent governance and security with new Anypoint API Governance and Anypoint API Manager. IT teams can operationalize design-time governance by using predefined rulesets or create new rulesets so that APIs follow best practices or industry regulations. API Manager provides a unified control plane that ensures consistent security across runtime.
  • Manage and secure any API using ultrafast Anypoint Flex Gateway. Developers can seamlessly integrate the lightweight Gateway with their DevOps and CI/CD workflows to control any APIs and build responsive applications.

These new features enable API developers, architects and API Product Managers to discover, catalog, govern and manage any API.

Increase IT productivity with a modern developer experience and flexible deployments 

It’s no secret that IT resources are tapped and the entire industry is trying to do more with less. In fact, 93% of orgs say it has become more difficult to retain skilled developers, further cutting into IT productivity. 

Learning poorly-documented, homegrown technologies and complicated software architecture is cited as one of the leading reasons developers leave. Every day, developers tell us they need more user-friendly tooling that is easy to pick up and makes use of industry-standard tech and dev best practices.

With the MuleSoft June 2022 product release, we are proud to announce a number of new updates across our development experience that focus on doing just this: providing easy to use tooling that makes use of modern, industry-standard technologies. 


  • Design, develop, and deploy from a single environment with MuleSoft’s next generation IDE, Anypoint Code Builder. Our first Beta will be available in Q3 2022, so stay tuned for more details.
  • A developer-friendly DataGraph is here! We’ve introduced two exciting new releases for Anypoint DataGraph that help developers unify APIs faster than ever. Check out our March and June release posts to learn how you start leveraging GraphQL at your organization today. 
  • Unlock true end-to-end transaction visibility with Anypoint Partner Manager. When you have hundreds of business partners, it’s critical to have the ability to search and filter through specific messages to gain operational insights and troubleshoot issues. Partner Manager’s latest release allows users to do just that with enhanced transaction visibility provided out-of-the-box. 
  • Deploy anywhere: cloud, hybrid, or on-prem – with CloudHub and Anypoint Runtime Fabric. Get started faster and run more cost efficient workloads with the upgraded CloudHub 2.0 experience and run Mule apps on OpenShift with the new Anypoint Runtime Fabric on OpenShift.

The MuleSoft June 2022 product release is here 

​​Ready to enjoy these new products? Get started by trying Anypoint Platform for free, or learn more about MuleSoft RPA and MuleSoft Composer.