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This year at Dreamforce, MuleSoft announced a host of new features and products designed to help businesses connect real-time data from any system, automate processes using clicks or code, and accelerate innovation with turnkey solutions. 

MuleSoft empowers all teams to integrate and unlock data from any system for a true Customer 360. We saw this come to life with the new Salesforce Genie. Thanks to MuleSoft, Genie’s Real-Time Customer Graph integrates billions of data points from any system and unifies it into one, dynamic source of truth. By creating one clean customer record, Genie gives you the visibility you need to provide consistent and personalized experiences throughout the customer journey. MuleSoft then delivers this exact, real-time customer magic across every system – no matter where the data resides.  

In case you missed the show, here’s a summary of all of the magic that was revealed. 

Connect data to enable real-time customer insights in CDP

With Anypoint Platform and Composer, developers and business users can integrate data and automate customer engagements in Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP). We saw how a trailblazing company, Rocket Mortgage, part of Rocket Companies, is taking their Customer 360 to the next level with the power of MuleSoft Genie. Rocket Mortgage can not only enable real-time insights and help their customers close on a home, but can also connect with their sister company, Rocket Solar to provide customers with solar recommendations for their new homes.

Rocket’s IT team can use Anypoint Code Builder, MuleSoft’s upcoming web-based IDE and MuleSoft Accelerator for Financial Services to jumpstart their integration project. With a few simple clicks, Rocket can have their initial flow setup, pulling banking and customer web interaction data from various systems. 

Using the new Anypoint Connector for CDP, Rocket can stream all of this data straight into CDP, where they can leverage Salesforce’s AI capabilities to give each home a solar energy score. Rocket’s developers can then deploy this flow to CloudHub 2.0 – our new fully managed, self-hosted environment for deploying APIs, integrations, and automations using a single click, sending solar insights to a customer-facing app.

Now, while a customer is viewing their home loan information, they can also see an in-app suggestion for solar if CDP determines it would be a great fit for their home!

Rocket’s business teams can also contribute by using Salesforce Flow Integration, powered by MuleSoft Composer. With Salesforce Flow, business users can easily tap data from systems like CDP, Tableau, Slack, and more using out-of-the-box connectors and drag-and-drop, no-code development. For example, Rocket’s admins can track solar energy opportunities in Tableau and notify sales teams via Slack. 

These real-time, personalized call to actions are only possible with tightly connected systems that send and analyze customer data within a single platform. This is the magic of MuleSoft Genie!

Automate across the Customer 360 with RPA, Composer, and Anypoint Platform

We are also pleased to show how MuleSoft Automation, powering Salesforce Flow, a key part of Genie magic and led by our newest product, MuleSoft RPA delivers end-to-end automations. RPA uses AI-powered bots to unlock unstructured data that’s trapped in documents and images. Because these bots automate through the UI, they work for any system, anywhere. 

MuleSoft Composer then extends these capabilities into more modern systems with pre-built connectors and a drag-and-drop user experience. That’s not all – Composer is becoming even faster and easier. We’re excited to announce Composer Templates. Composer Templates are pre-built automations with built-in best practices, enabling you to build in minutes.

RPA and Composer enable your business to realize value faster by automating across systems without code. Both of these products are architected on top of Anypoint Platform, which enables IT to secure and manage everything and deliver the most complex automations. With API sharing in Anypoint, IT can give business users the power of Composer to automate with secured and governed APIs. And with our newly launched Universal API Management, IT can manage and secure these APIs regardless of where they were built. 

Together, these three products – RPA, Composer, and Anypoint Platform enable you to deliver automation at scale. Any process you automate with RPA works seamlessly with Composer, Anypoint, and Salesforce Flow, and vice-versa – allowing IT and the business to quickly build and rebuild automations as your business evolves. 

Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology for RBC said it best: “The ‘reuse’ phase has allowed us to enable our entire organization to innovate faster…we are standing up new integrations within weeks and we are automating business processes with speed and agility.”

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Accelerate innovation with new regional and industry solutions   

Last but certainly not least, we continue to be committed to solving the global challenges that different industries face. With our purpose-built platform and solutions, we’re making it easier for you to accelerate innovation.

First, we know that being up-to-date on global compliance and security regulations is top of mind. With MuleSoft on Hyperforce, you can securely deploy and automate workflows anywhere around the world, in line with regional regulatory standards. We’re launching our first Hyperforce control plane and expanding into Canada next year, and to Japan, Australia, the UK, and other EU operating zones in the coming years. 

Next, we announced an exciting evolution to MuleSoft Accelerators. To date, we have Accelerators supporting eight different industries, and Salesforce Clouds and major enterprise systems, like SAP. At Dreamforce, we revealed a NEW solution to support industries, MuleSoft Direct for Industry Clouds

MuleSoft Direct takes the foundational components of Anypoint Platform and Accelerators, and packages them up for Salesforce Industry Clouds. The result is an easy to use connectivity solution for Salesforce admins and MuleSoft developers. We’ve built the technical infrastructure and building blocks necessary to provide you with turnkey integrations in Salesforce for top industry initiatives, like connecting core banking systems or reconciling geo-location information to check for service availability. Let’s recap how this solution works through the visionary demo we saw with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

When families are in need of urgent care, doctors need prior authorization from insurance companies for medical procedures, prescriptions, and other services – fast. Luckily, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia can speed up prior auth in Health Cloud using MuleSoft Direct.

Using the solution, an admin can integrate and standardize necessary data from EHR systems like Cerner and Epic – right from within Salesforce. Behind the scenes, pre-built APIs are pulling data from the hospital’s various systems, structuring the information, and connecting it with Health Cloud. 

Because every hospital is unique and has custom backend systems, developers can use Anypoint to further customize MuleSoft Direct templates to connect a homegrown system and map to additional custom fields. Since the solution is embedded directly in Salesforce, changes made by the developer are automatically reflected in the integration our admin enables. 

Now, when the doctor submits a new prior auth request in Health Cloud a request is automatically generated, logged, and sent to the patient’s insurance on file – immediately. The doctor then receives a response from the insurer in Health Cloud, approving the request to start the patient’s treatment. Thanks to MuleSoft Direct for Health Cloud and the team effort by the hospital’s admins and developers, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia can stay focused on delivering high quality care instead of backend office processes. 

MuleSoft Direct is launching for Communications Cloud and Energy & Utilities Cloud later this year and for Health Cloud and Financial Services Cloud in 2023. 

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