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We were proud and delighted that Anypoint Platform was named the Best Cloud Data Integration Software for Enterprise Development Teams by G2 Crowd. G2 Crowd rates products and vendors based on reviews for its user community; that means that the people who are using Anypoint Platform enjoy using it and rate it well. We’re proud of our developer community and are very happy that Anypoint Platform is popular and well-used.

Marty Duffy, Director of Research at G2 Crowd, said: “Mulesoft’s users consistently commended the product in 2016. Enterprise users recognized the tool as a stand-out product to be used by development teams. It received the highest average score for ease of use, quality of support, and meets requirements for cloud data integration (enterprise).”

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Here are some of the things users are saying about Anypoint Platform: “MuleSoft makes integrations & APIs easy, fast and powerful”; brilliant, easy access to complex integration solutions;” and “overall, a great experience.”

One reviewer noted, “The ease of use and modeling even the most complex flows and requirements looks so easy and the number of connectors available. Anypoint Studio allows us to focus on the actual requirements and it take cares of everything else around the requirement.  There is no competition for Mulesoft in the market yet that caters to such wide range of requirements and technical domains and specializations.”

Anypoint Platform is designed to be lightweight and developer-friendly, so we’re really pleased to hear these reviews from our users. We built it with open technologies to promote collaboration and reusability, which makes developers more productive and increases project speed. Anypoint Platform offers tools that enterprise architects and developers can adopt quickly and easily to design, build, and manage the entire lifecycle of their APIs, apps, and products.

Have you tried Anypoint Platform yet? Sign up today and let us know what you think. And if you like using our products, we’d love to hear more from you in our Champions program. We’re so grateful to our users and would love to hear about the great things you’re building.