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We are excited to announce the collaboration between MuleSoft, Red Hat, and IBM for Anypoint Runtime Fabric on Red Hat OpenShift to help organizations grow and innovate at scale with standardized integration solutions that provide flexibility without compromising security. 

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Runtime Fabric and Red Hat OpenShift allow customers to quickly create modern containerized solutions with flexible deployments on-premise or in any cloud while streamlining operations across the enterprise. This release is the next step in MuleSoft’s journey towards an open Kubernetes ecosystem with support for container platforms, helping customers stay future-proof and easily meet the changing requirements of their business and software. 

A trusted collaboration for the market 

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, including Red Hat OpenShift: the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform. They provide a consistent foundation for building and scaling containerized, cloud-native applications. Red Hat offers seven editions, ranging from fully managed to self-managed solutions across public and private clouds.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the world’s leading Integration and API management platform – enabling the most extensive digital transformations across enterprises in all industries. Anypoint Runtime Fabric (RTF) is a container service that automates the deployment and orchestration of Mule applications to bridge the gap between multi-cloud and on-premise resources and help enterprises meet changing business requirements. For ultimate deployment flexibility, MuleSoft offers both CloudHub and Runtime Fabric. 

CloudHub is a fully managed containerized cloud service to deploy Mule applications, while Runtime Fabric offers the same benefits for customer-managed deployments.

MuleSoft RTF has a Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator that can deploy on OpenShift across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This enables workload portability for MuleSoft applications, whether on supported clouds or on-premise. 

As part of the commitment to its longstanding Salesforce practice, IBM Consulting is also significantly increasing the number of MuleSoft-certified professionals to support intelligent workflows, automation, and industry-focused use cases that accelerate digital transformation. 

IBM Consulting, a global Salesforce partner, harnesses the industry expertise of certified Salesforce and MuleSoft practitioners to help companies deliver key business outcomes and scale innovation faster.

Modernize your applications and innovate at speed

Here are just a handful of ways this solution benefits our joint customers.

Reduce time-to-value 

By working with 700+ pre-built and certified assets and connectors from MuleSoft, along with MuleSoft’s Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator, customers can accelerate application development, allowing them to automate the deployment of Kubernetes workloads at scale.

Modernize application portfolios and reduce operational complexity

By using MuleSoft’s Universal API Management for an API-led integration across the enterprise and deploying them on Red Hat OpenShift wherever it’s supported, including managed cloud services such as Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift  and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.

Drive enterprise standardization 

RTF on Red Hat OpenShift acts as a “glue” to enable enterprise interoperability. Reusable building blocks accelerate future projects and simplify management through standardized provider tooling and developer experience while managing Mule and non-Mule workloads on the same OpenShift environment and deploying on-prem and in the cloud. 

Work with a trusted ecosystem of partners

MuleSoft, IBM, and Red Hat ensure wide availability of talent, expertise, and resources, including a global network of certified MuleSoft and Red Hat OpenShift experts.

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Rapid patching of high severity vulnerabilities in Kubernetes and the ability to leverage their existing Kubernetes investments and operational practices has been a consistent request from MuleSoft customers. In response to this feedback, we are proactively transitioning to deliver Kubernetes to our customers via an ecosystem of the industry-leading Kubernetes platform vendors.

Runtime Fabric collaborations with IBM, Red Hat, and other enterprises will help enable faster and more consistent security patches and support the ability to more easily leverage existing investments in the Kubernetes ecosystem. 

But we’re not stopping there. We’re exploring Runtime Fabric support on other container solutions based on customer demand. Contact your trusted MuleSoft, IBM, or Red Hat advisor to learn more about this transformative solution. 

Learn more about Anypoint Runtime Fabric and watch our product spotlight below for more information: