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We’re excited to announce that MuleSoft and Stripe are partnering to make it simpler for customers to connect their payment infrastructure to the other critical systems that power their businesses. Stripe and MuleSoft are aligned on delighting customers and developers through high quality, easy-to-use APIs. 

To make it easier for enterprises to build with Stripe, customers can leverage the Stripe Connector in MuleSoft’s Anypoint Exchange, along with hundreds of other pre-built connectors for their business requirements.  

Common use cases include: 

  • Consolidate lead-to-invoice data: Connect Salesforce and other CRM tools with Stripe  for payments and subscriptions, which will centralize finance and operational data to streamline operations and reporting.
  • Deliver more value to customers: Connect Salesforce with Stripe to manage potential upsell opportunities, so every time there is a new Stripe charge, invoice, order, or refund, a corresponding CRM opportunity is created. 
  • Improve customer retention: Automate customer retention tracking to track customer churn effectively, to better forecast revenue vs. retention rates.

With MuleSoft’s Stripe connector, companies automate cash reconciliation processes, complete e-commerce workflows, and accept payments on invoices. Stripe’s Connector synchronizes Stripe data with ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle, or NetSuite) in real time, automating manual cash reconciliation and supporting customized flows such as revenue recognition and order management for e-commerce systems. 

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Mulesoft and Stripe will allow more businesses to track customers, subscriptions, orders, invoices, payments and more – all while maintaining compliance with major data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. 

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