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Organizations worldwide and the communities they serve are experiencing extraordinary trials because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. As we collaborate with our partners to provide insights and tools to help leaders manage their business and lead through change, we’d like to highlight some solutions Cognizant has developed to help address key customer challenges.

Nearly every industry from healthcare to waste management to manufacturing has been impacted by COVID-19. A strong data strategy in response to COVID-19 has enabled industry leaders to stand up against bottlenecks and workforce management issues. Cognizant is helping companies focus on business continuity planning and execution. Here are four industry and workforce solutions that Cognizant has created to keep customers’ businesses running and people healthy.

#1 Healthcare solutions

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For medical personnel battling COVID-19, having a single source of truth for virus-related information and communication is crucial. Cognizant has created a medical education hub that meets this need. The hub provides a framework for structured and unstructured remote learning and functions as an online community where doctors and medical experts can discuss the latest virus developments. 

The surge in demand for COVID-19 testing has strained medical device industry resources. Cognizant’s MedVantage solution eases the burden by expediting support processes for medical device companies and helping them better manage the influx of inquiries related to the virus.

Cognizant’s Patient Prime solution is a patient engagement hub for pharmaceutical companies offering specialty treatments/therapies that require extensive collaboration with physicians, caregivers, and insurers. The solution enables rapid delivery of patient-centric and proactive care, and enhances user experiences for patients, providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies.

#2 Manufacturing solutions

Supply shortages have become a risk or reality in nearly every critical industry, from testing supplies to food and consumer goods manufacturers. MFGVantage — Cognizant’s cloud-based solution for the manufacturing industry — improves operational efficiencies, so manufacturers can better manage increased demands, complaints, field service orders and repairs, inventory, orders, and invoicing. Check out this case study to find out how Cognizant provided a complete solution for a manufacturing client in less than 12 weeks.

#3 Waste management solutions

Cognizant’s WasteVantage solution improves end-to-end waste lifecycle management. It has been deployed in multiple countries and could help alleviate the reported issue of increased medical waste due to the monumental rise of PPE use. 

#4 Workforce management solutions

The sudden shift to remote work during the pandemic and the efforts to reopen offices have brought many challenges for companies and employees globally. Cognizant and MuleSoft have partnered on solutions to help companies solve these challenges. A mobile digital employee hub and workplace solution enables remote work to be performed by anyone, anywhere in the world, on any device.

Support for communities

In April, Cognizant pledged an initial $10 million philanthropic commitment to help with challenges the broader global community is experiencing. 

How Cognizant and MuleSoft are helping

The world has forever changed because of the COVID-19 outbreak, and there is still more work to be done for businesses to overcome challenges and achieve positive outcomes. 

“Cognizant and MuleSoft are collaborating in helping our clients use technology to effectively manage through the global crisis and better serve their customers. Together, we will emerge more prepared for a post-pandemic world.” 

– Anbu G Muppidathi, Sr. Vice President & Global Markets Head, Enterprise Application Services at Cognizant

MuleSoft is proud to partner with Cognizant in leading through change. Discover all Cognizant and Mulesoft partner innovations and explore additional resources including a partner Q&A and more tips for navigating COVID-19 challenges.