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Organizations worldwide and the communities they serve are experiencing extraordinary trials due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As we collaborate with our partners to provide insights and tools to help leaders manage their business and lead through change, we’d like to highlight solutions that Accenture has developed to help address key customer challenges.

Leaders around the world are working to protect people’s health and safety during the pandemic while ensuring that critical business operations continue. Accenture is solving some of the most complex return-to-workplace challenges with solutions designed to tackle how to companies can plan, engage, re-open, and reinvent their businesses. 

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“Companies are asking, “How do I maintain a safe work environment so I can reopen and stay open? How do I build trust and confidence to bring my employees and customers back to my workplace? And what needs to change in my business operations so I can reopen safely?” said Nisha Sharma, Global MuleSoft lead at Accenture. 

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform plays a critical role in several of Accenture’s COVID-19 response solutions, leveraging its ability to integrate data from a variety of data sources in a secure manner. The platform can orchestrate activities such as SMS messaging and email notification on the basis of events in Salesforce solutions and can promote efficiencies in future development through the creation of reusable assets.  

“MuleSoft has been a key element in many of the solutions we’ve developed that require us to integrate quickly and create the agility needed for our customers to maintain their businesses,” said Sharma.

Emergency response management and contact tracing

Built-in collaboration with Accenture, Emergency Response Management (ERM) is a suite of Salesforce products that allows public health organizations, government agencies, and the private sector to manage all types of emergencies, deliver care to those affected and allocate resources and services quickly. Public health institutions can protect communities from widespread impacts by enabling contact tracers to effectively record and understand data, quickly triage and evaluate patients, and provide ongoing engagement and monitoring. 

Accenture was one of the first to market with a contact tracing solution to enable governments to track and trace exposed citizens. Rapidly developed assets and accelerators allowed Accenture to stand up capabilities in less than two weeks. For example, at the State of Massachusetts, Accenture implemented a technology enabler with support center capabilities as part of the COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative (CTC) to temper the spread of COVID-19. The solution focuses on contact tracing for patients who test positive for COVID-19 and supports individuals in quarantine. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform was an important component of the communications process to connect with citizens identified as at-risk.  

With other use cases like this, the platform’s versatility has allowed Accenture to act quickly, building a foundation based on simple approaches that can be expanded upon and refined into more complex proactive measures once the crisis stabilizes, creating new ways to use the solution going forward.

Successes like this can be replicated with technology enablers like the one used in the CTC initiative and by applying the COVID-19 healthcare response center framework from Accenture. The framework provides five steps that healthcare organizations can take to quickly mobilize and respond to emerging threats and impacts of the virus.

Return to the workplace: Workforce and business management solutions

The ways in which employees work and businesses manage their workforces have dramatically shifted during the pandemic. To minimize disruptions during coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines, Accenture outlined five steps that guide businesses on creating an Elastic Digital Workplace. This includes new solutions to resolve workforce challenges that accompany the return to work, such as Accenture’s Digital Worker Platform (DWP), which integrates technology ecosystem with solutions and harnesses data to deliver advanced intelligence. DWP offers intelligent resource management capabilities for businesses in the commercial sector, connecting building services such as access management and thermal screening systems to further power contact tracing with autonomous tracing and triage, along with real-time identification and notification of potential workplace exposures. 

DWP also offers workplace density optimization that connects real-time employee movement and flow with shift management solutions to enhance space planning and staggered arrival management.

Resources for leaders

Leaders can explore Accenture’s insights and tangible actions to outmaneuver uncertainties and manage the human and business impact of the coronavirus. Other resources include immediate actions the C-suite can take to lead with compassion and confidence.

Accenture and MuleSoft are here to help

There will continue to be hurdles as the world reopens and the new normal unfolds. MuleSoft is committed to empowering organizations and communities with agile technology and the confidence to plan for a safe and successful future. We are proud to partner with Accenture in leading through change to solve customer challenges that surface during and after the crisis.

Learn more about the trusted Accenture + MuleSoft partnership and explore additional resources including a partner Q&A and more tips for navigating COVID-19 challenges.