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We’ve put together a roundup of the best blogs, YouTube videos, social influencers, and forum helpers from the MuleSoft Community over the last quarter! From February through April 2022, these individuals made our quarter special through a variety of ways – their participation in our first major presence at TDX22, the announcement of our 2022 MuleSoft Ambassador cohort, and everything in between.

MuleSoft Community Contributors for Q1

Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment, and it means these MuleSoft Ambassadors, Mentors, and other Community contributors have helped our community significantly. If you’re interested in sharing your own blogs and videos, tag us on LinkedIn using @MuleSoftCommunity or submit your content. Now, let’s take a look at this quarter’s MuleSoft Community Contributors who have made an impact.

MuleSoft Community LinkedIn blogs of the quarter

This year we are excited to provide a space for our MuleSoft Mentors and Ambassadors to write short tutorials, stories, or share their experiences through our MuleSoft Community LinkedIn. Here are the best blogs featured this quarter: 

MuleSoft pro of the quarter

This quarter we want to recognize two MuleSoft pros of the quarter!

Here we have Lilly Hulse, MuleSoft Mentor at Bentley, as one of the MuleSoft Pros of the quarter! She has been an avid advocate of women in technology through our Women Who Mule EMEA group and Codename Maxine Deloitte. Lilly is truly an inspiration, and we highly recommend checking out her MuleSoft Journey.

girl driving
Lilly Hulse, MuleSoft Mentor at Bentley

The other person we want to spotlight is Aravind Ramadugu, MuleSoft Mentor at Accenture. His session at TDX22 was the most-attended campfire session, and he worked tirelessly to create an incredible presentation. If you haven’t watched it yet, you still can watch his MuleSoft Mastered session on demand!

Aravind Ramadugu
Aravubd Ramadugu, MuleSoft Mentor at Accenture
latest report
Learn why we are the Leaders in API management and iPaaS

Community blogs of the quarter

Here are the best blogs from our MuleSoft Community that were published on platforms outside of the MuleSoft blog, such as DZone and ProstDev – platforms that help developers and architects solve integration problems or expand their MuleSoft skills:

Video tutorials of the quarter

Over the last quarter, MuleSoft Community members created video tutorials that are easy to follow, range in difficulty level from beginner to advanced, and are another useful resource for our community. 

Top social contributors of the quarter

Our MuleSoft Developer groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow our community to stay updated, connected, and share their expertise with thousands of community members. 

This quarter, we would like to feature two individuals who provide high quality information to our community: 

  • Sonal Sharma, MuleSoft Mentor, Capgemini for her amazing advocacy of Women Who Mule APAC
  • Sadik Ali, MuleSoft Ambassador, Kellton Technology for his incredible blog series, support of those who recently became certified, and his Montreal Meetups.


Empowering community contributions and initiatives to continue connecting and learning virtually fueled this last quarter. Next quarter, we’re looking forward to even more contributions. Join our MuleSoft Community to stay connected and continue learning!