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We’ve completed another fantastic quarter for the MuleSoft Community. As we recapped 2021 in our last blog, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the great content contributed by the MuleSoft Community throughout our last quarter of 2021. We’ve put together a roundup of the best blogs, YouTube videos, social influencers, and forum helpers from the MuleSoft Community! 

Earning a feature in our Community Roundup is a great accomplishment and means these MuleSoft Ambassadors, Mentors, and other Community contributors have helped our community significantly. 

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MuleSoft blog features of the quarter 

This past quarter we had three awesome blogs written by MuleSoft Ambassadors and MuleSoft Mentors

MuleSoft pro of the quarter

Jennifer Cole, Salesforce Administrator: The MuleSoft Community wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible contributions of our members. 

This quarter, we want to give a special shoutout to a new community member, Jennifer Cole, for the outstanding contributions she has submitted in support of our brand new product, MuleSoft Composer! Jen has been fearless in her journey with MuleSoft by never backing down from any of the opportunities that we threw her way. 

Whether being interviewed at Dreamforce, authoring her first admin blog, or starring in a Trailhead Live episode that she wrote and directed herself, Jen always shows up with a can-do attitude and a humble brilliance that shines through her work. 

We are so thankful for her contributions and can’t wait to see where her newfound skills as an integrator take her from here! Don’t just take our word for it – here’s Jen in her own words: “As I look back on my Salesforce admin career, never dreamt I would be able to integrate systems [with MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce]  I am driving innovation and change.”  

Community blogs of the quarter

Here are the best blogs from our MuleSoft Community that were published on platforms outside of the MuleSoft blog, such as DZone and ProstDev – platforms which help developers and architects solve integration problems or expand their MuleSoft skills:

Video tutorials of the quarter

Over the last quarter, MuleSoft Community members created video tutorials that are easy to follow, range in difficulty level from beginner to advanced, and are another useful resource for our community. 

Top social contributor of the quarter

Our MuleSoft Developer groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter allow our community to stay updated, connected, and share their expertise with thousands of community members. 

This quarter, we would like to feature two individuals who provide high quality information to our community: 

Top helpers of the quarter

The MuleSoft Forum is a resource for developers and architects with technical questions in need of help from the MuleSoft Community. These three contributors on the Help Center are being recognized for the quality of their answers and willingness to help other community members with their toughest MuleSoft questions on the Forum: 

Empowering community contributions and initiatives to continue connecting and learning virtually fueled this last quarter. Next quarter, we’re looking forward to even more contributions. 

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