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Application networks are expanding at an exponential rate across every business unit. The burden on IT organizations is ramping up accordingly; more nodes on the network means more structures to maintain.

To effectively track these structures as your business continues to scale, teams need access to flexible monitoring tools that can facilitate quickly recognizing, investigating and reacting to operational issues while also affording the ability to develop a strategic approach to creating resilient infrastructure. 

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That’s why MuleSoft is happy to announce the release of Anypoint Insights. Designed to empower businesses with comprehensive insights into their Mule Ecosystem, this refreshed approach to Anypoint Monitoring makes it simple to view the health status of your entities, identify performance bottlenecks, and monitor KPIs across all your Mule applications.

Monitor your Mule ecosystem

Anypoint Monitoring provides a centralized platform to monitor the health of your Mule entities. Whether it’s APIs, connectors, or applications, you can now organize these structures across business units and monitor their well-being in real time. With Anypoint Insights, users can easily search for entities across different business groups and environments, streamlining the monitoring process via efficient evaluation of key areas of your application network.

Flexibility was another core tenant of our revamped approach to Anypoint Insights. As such, users can leverage a set of wide ranging monitoring templates. Whether modifying an existing template or using the out-of-box configuration, Anypoint customers can configure their monitoring dashboard to maximize the performance of their application network. 

A strategic approach to resilient infrastructure

Monitoring analytics is only useful if they’re able to quickly visualize the health of your unique application stack, across the logical definitions that accurately represent your organization. Monitoring is often compartmentalized to the realm of operations. Indeed, operational effectiveness in handling critical issues is more important than ever in a world where the baseline expectation amounts to almost no service disruption. 

Monitoring can have a strategic impact though. Being able to garner detailed insights into the performance of your entities and identify and address any bottlenecks promptly helps develop this strategy and can ultimately differentiate you from the competition.

Our goal with Anypoint Insights was to cater to this modern approach to infrastructure management and provide our customers with a flexible but comprehensive approach to tracking the health of their increasingly complex application networks. 

Anypoint Insights for CloudHub 2.0 is currently in a public, opt-in beta and will be made generally available at the end of the month.