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Today, we announced a $37 million expansion round of funding, led by the premier venture capital firm NEA, with participation by new strategic investor as well as all of our existing investors. I couldn’t be more excited about our position.  This capital lets us grow the company even faster to meet the explosive demand that we are seeing around the world and allows us to step up investment in our cloud platform and software products, innovating more aggressively to define the next generation of integration.

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NEA is one of the most prominent and well-respected venture firms, with investments in companies such as, Workday, Box and WebEx. Through its rich portfolio of SaaS and mobile investments, NEA is seeing first-hand the tremendous opportunity that the cloud represents for customers as well as the challenges that companies face as they move to the cloud. The firm has invested in our vision for solving this problem with our new Anypoint Platform., one of the world’s most important SaaS companies, has also joined this financing round as a strategic investor. MuleSoft has been helping our customers integrate Salesforce on a number of fronts, including:


Connecting the New Enterprise

There are several significant trends that are currently driving IT investment, including cloud, SaaS, mobile, social enterprise, and big data. What makes MuleSoft’s opportunity so exciting is that we are at the center of these trends with integration.

With these IT mega-trends driving so much change in the enterprise, I believe we are in a new era of business and computing, where companies can no longer compete with just the assets, technology and talent within their four walls. Today’s winning companies are harnessing the power of an explosion of applications, data, partners and customers, connecting and combining them to form a single high-performing entity. We call this the New Enterprise, and in this era of hyperconnectivity, having the right integration platform is the key to winning.


What does this mean for MuleSoft?

With this round of financing, some of the most respected and influential minds in technology have again validated that MuleSoft is solving one of the largest problems in IT – with over $500 billion spent per year in integration. They have voted with their investment dollars that MuleSoft is the clear leader for the next generation of integration and, with this capital, that we will continue to widen our lead.

The world is now hyperconnected, and companies need to connect to survive. MuleSoft has the vision, technology and track record of success to power the New Enterprise.  We’re hiring – so come connect the world with us!