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Airbus, a pioneer in aviation, has set the standard for safety, quality, and performance in the industry. Approximately 25,000 Airbus aircraft take off daily, that’s one aircraft that takes flight every 1.4 seconds. It is expected that, within the next 15 years, the number of customers who travel by air will double.

In order to meet this growing demand, Airbus needed to rapidly increase aircraft production and improve the efficiency of supply chains, while sustainably decreasing costs. The company’s legacy systems could not support this growth, which is why Airbus turned to MuleSoft to revolutionize their approach to IT.

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In order to meet this goal, Airbus formed the “Digital Accelerator”––a team within the IT department that is tasked with using digital technologies to revolutionize how the company builds aircraft. The team’s first project involved implementing Anypoint Platform and driving an API-first strategy across the organization.

“Anypoint Platform allows us to rapidly unlock the data in our legacy platforms,” said Taylor. “We can use the data to optimize our manufacturing and supply chain processes, and ultimately optimize our aircraft,” said Chris Taylor, VP, Digital Accelerator, Airbus.

Learn more about the role of APIs in enabling Airbus to improve visibility and increase efficiency by watching the above video and reading more about their story.