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Data transformation

Data transformation is a core requirement for most integrations. Anypoint Platform provides multiple types of transformers, including XSLT, DataWeave and DataMapper.

DataWeave, our new data query and transformation language, offers significant performance advantages over Anypoint DataMapper, our earlier data mapping and transformation solution. The below benchmark shows transformations performance using DataWeave and Anypoint DataMapper with payload size of 100KB (1000 records) with simple complexity.

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On average, DataWeave transformations process 6 times faster than DataMapper transformations –  a result our engineering team is extremely proud of.  We encourage you to take advantage of our new state of the art language and approach.  

DataWeave with 1MB payload on CloudHub

When the input payload size is over 150KB for csv and json input type, DataWeave writes the request objects to disk.  Therefore, payload threshold tests were set up to range from 150KB to 1 MB in size.  The tests ran in the performance lab and on the CloudHub worker cloud and results validated that higher disk writes resulting from larger payload sizes don’t impact performance.

The plot below shows that DataWeave’s throughput when deployed to CloudHub is stable.


Anypoint Platform Performance Whitepaper

To learn about these performance tests and check out more Anypoint Platform benchmarks, download our whitepaper.